Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Ugh - Sometimes I forget that I have these blogs

The fact that I cannot find a few minutes each week/month/regularly to post something related to gaming or a meandering thought related to it is just pathetic.

I have been quite busy on the painting front; I have probably been more motivated than maybe ever to try to get some painting done every day. BASH Con in Toledo is coming on the weekend of February 14-16; I had planned one thing for my single session I am running, but I now may be switching gears a bit. Originally I had an idea for a 'Big Trouble in Little China' type scenario in an old west town complete with armies of feuding oriental gangs, but I did not get as many of the miniatures done as I would have liked.

More than likely, the scenario will be a bit more simple with a lean back to a traditional supernatural threat (werewolves or something similar)...we shall see.

There was a game day in November at the Fort, followed by another in February. I ran Circus Imperium and Star Wars minis at the former, and a short game of Blood Bowl for the latter (sparsely attended Winter Game day in February).

Here are a few of my favorite miniatures completed in 2019...

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Gen Con 2019

Yikes, it is already September...plans for BASH Con are ramping up in my head and I have not even talked about the events in Indy from early August. So just a quick recap...

Tuesday/Wednesday - we arrived and checked in on Tuesday evening, helped set-up and accepted items at the auction on Wednesday, and then played in a D&D 5e game I ran for the Peryton Gamers, the classic module 'White Plume Mountain'.

Thursday, we ran a single game of Circus Imperium between working at the auction. I also ran a single Dungeon board game event Thursday evening.

Friday, we got split as I had to cover another Dungeon board game event at the same time we were supposed to run Circus Imperium. Unfortunately, Liam was a bit harassed by some players because he got one rule slightly wrong while I was away. This may be our last session at Gen Con since he was really bummed about what happened and I don't blame him. People can be real jerks sometimes.

Saturday was the last game of Dungeon to run.

As always, the rest of our time at the auction...

Charity auction, I picked up a nice leather bound version of Trapsylvania which I got signed by Steve Crompton in the Dealer Hall on Sunday. Also purchased a few originals from him as well.

This is the final stash - bought a bit more than I expected in the auction, but I also sold more than I bought...so I think that makes things right, at least in my head. Unfortunately, Wildlife Adventure was incomplete, missing rules and a few cards. Also picked up 2 copies of MSPE hardback from Steve/Flying Buffalo booth and sent one to a friend in England when I traveled there for work a few weeks later.

And thanks to Jim, I got the Blood Bowl miniatures he picked up for me earlier in the year from a GW convention in England.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Gen Con 52 (2019) Preparations

It seems kind of odd, but I may well be the most prepared I have ever been before a Gen Con.

Running Circus Imperium has become a breeze both because I have the boy to help me more than ever and we run it at 2 or 3 local shows now each year so familiarity is quite good. The prize bag is well stocked from leftover items as well as new stuff I picked up at the Gen Con auction last year.

I even volunteered to run a 5e game on Wednesday night for the Perytons and have a few new miniatures prepped and ready to go. Anyone familiar with "White Plume Mountain" will know that there are some giant crustaceans that play a role in 2 of the treasure quests. Since those miniatures really do not exist, I was able to track down some fishing lures that worked quite well in the end. I still need to pack everything up, but since I was play testing with the baby girl using the 2e module, most of it already ready to be gathered.

Auction? I have 28(ish) items registered and their tags are printed. Just needed a box of supplies to show up today to finish that prep - the UPS guy delivered it a few hours ago.

Robin having to cancel at the last minute due to unforeseen real world issues? Cannot cancel all her games without potentially losing the free hotel room? Her 3 Dungeon! events fit quite well into my existing schedule so I can deal with it. New copy of the game ordered (as my version is the Classic Dungeon that only supports 6 players) and I created some new pawns to use with some bases, magnets, and some pre-painted minis from the collection.

Even the new potential issue with 'electronic tickets' - we will deal with it. Tom has been tracking his build-up to the con for the last week...check it out.

Maybe tomorrow will be different.