Friday, March 18, 2011

Converting to Tunnels & Trolls - Part 1 - Lots of 6-sided dice

Whether it be work or play, I have a tendency to try to understand something from top to bottom before I can really move forward. I have played T&T a total of 3 sessions with Tom 'Kopfy' Loney as my GM. As a T&T player, I am still a novice. As a GM, I am a mere babe. I have been running AD&D campaigns for over 20 years.

My first hurdle as a GM (in my mind) is the whole d6 thing. If I am running a party of 4 delvers and they are facing a group of monsters that total 30MR - I as the GM would be rolling 15-18 d6 for every combat round. As a player - it is OK to individually roll your attacks, add up your hits, add to that your combat adds, and then discuss with your party what your total is. As the GM - rolling 16 dice, adding them all up, counting all the spite - seems to me that it would get quite tedious as the rounds click by.

So - my first official work for my T&T game (I am sure this has been done by someone else with much more experience) was to create a table to simplify the dice rolls for the GM in combat.

I need to test it a bit - roll some big groups of dice and see if what I have represents a realistic range of rolls. My thought is that if I can roll 2 dice instead of 15 dice - it will make things move a bit smoother.

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