Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Delving Dwarf

Well - I still wanted to be able to write and create regarding Tunnels and Trolls, but my main blog kind of got away from me with more 'my life' kind of stuff. So, I transported over all my T&T stuff to this new Blog and will now concentrate here all my current and future T&T related junk.

Since I may be the only person on Trollhalla with a dwarf kindred character, I figured naming this blog after my character in Kopfy's game would fit nicely. So the Delving Dwarf does just so happen to be 'Jherrrii the Great'.

Some of the Pages on this blog:

Chronicles of Jherrrii - campaign logs from the travels of Jherrrii the Great in Kopfy's campaign
Meandering Monsters - some the monsters that I will maybe eventually create/design/adapt for T&T
Thyris - details on my settlement/city that I am in the process of creating
The Bazaar - some magic items that have/will be creating.

I created the background for this blog using the images of the various T&T books that I have purchased...

That's about it for now...will be back soon.


  1. If I remember correctly it was "Jherri the Great Nee Good."

  2. Jherrrii the Great, Meh, just Good...

  3. The ultimate in lazy gamer - naming your character after yourself...