Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Delving for a good time...

In an earlier post, I took a stab at creating my version of a common monster for T&T rules - the Zombie. Horror is something I have always loved, but more so the supernatural-monster suspenseful horror, not so much the hack and slash psychotic-killing-machine horror.

I had been running a horror game based on the Rippers setting using the Savage Worlds rules. My blog covering that short lived experiment is located here. While I liked the Rippers theme and also in theory like the Savage Worlds system, there is something about it that does not seem to work for me. I really need to play in a game with an experienced SW GM, that way I can see what I may be doing wrong.

So - full circle - I am thinking of doing a modern horror game based on T&T rules. Has anyone done something similar?


  1. In an old issue of Sorcerer's Apprentice there are the Lovecraft Variant rules for T&T horror, if you like HPL. I believe these rules pre-date CoC and were even an influence on that system. More recently, on the Trollbridge, someone (sorry I forget who) did their own rules for horror-based T&T. I often use my modified version of the LV rules to good reviews.

  2. Thanks GB...I know HPL and CoC - what does LV stand for?

  3. "...Lovecraft Variant..." I believe.

    If you redo the rules, keep me in the loop. I have always been dissatisfied with T&T modern rules, including my own (something Wildly Heroic Action Pulp!). I am about to redo my own WHAP! rules, and could use a fresh perspective as well.

  4. Tom - are your WHAP rules different from the TAG rules - I am gonna purchase the download of the 'Crawlspace' rules to take a look...