Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Further Adventures of Jherrrii the Great, Nay Good

Updated my 'Chronicles of Jherrrii' page with some details and more than likely false memories of games past. My dwarf has now played in three of Kopfy's games; noticing pretty quickly that he is putting his life on the line for very little reward.

I have faced acid traps, various crazy critters, and perilous chasms of doom, but have no magic items and very little gold to show for my delving. Is it just Kopfy and his stinginess?

I did take Jherrrii into 'Strange Destinies' a few months back and was promptly killed by a band of wandering super colossal giant enormous ants...more on this fun event can be found here.

"OK - the solo mission that came with the boxed set - 'Strange Destinies' - is it a typo, or does the wandering monster table actually have the Giant Ant correct with a MR of 100 each???

So - when I rolled the number appearing as 3 - my lone dwarf Jerry the Great (nay Good) had a snowballs chance in hell to even damage something that is rolling 11d6 + 50 combat adds for a single ant. So technically - Jerry the Great (nay Dead) - has been killed, while he was able to dodge two of the ants while fighting the third - he was quickly ant food - in the FIRST DAMN ROOM!!! My weapon and adds are 4d6 + 49."

Talking on the 'Walla, even Ken agreed that Strange Destinies is a very difficult solo adventure and I quickly called 'Not Fair' and the dwarf is officially still breathing.

So now - I have a copy of 'The Tavern by the Sea' as well as some other solos that I think are more suited for a lowly but great 3rd level Fighter...we shall see how it goes and what riches I should discover.

So, I am headed to....


  1. Great stuff! Didn't I have to hang from that rope in the Lost Pyramid too, so I could be the secret door detector?

  2. I believe so Robin - good times! This was also the adventure that earned my "Nay/Nee" good tagline with less than stellar antics...

  3. First visit to the Tavern by the Sea...almost got my head popped off by the bouncer-troll, drank some wine, turned down an offer to join some cult, survived a bar fight, and escaped with a magical eye patch...including saving rolls, picked up just over 600 AP and netted a few silver pieces. The gold I found was negated by the bottle of win I purchased.

    Now I need to go back in to find the map in order to play in the second part of the UK version.

  4. You guys get a lot of magical items at 4th and 5th level in D&D sessions?

  5. Loads - it is like a walking magic shop in my out of control and non-fun D&D sessions

  6. Ah. Where's my Beserker's Axe of Annihilation then (wink)?