Friday, December 30, 2011

The Furthermore Adventures of Jherrrii the Great, Nay Good

On my first visit, I almost got my head popped off by the bouncer-troll Big Burp when I initially refused to give up my weapons. I ordered and drank from a 5GP bottle of wine. I then turned down an offer to join some cult, survived a bar fight, and escaped with a magical eye patch. Including saving rolls, I picked up 616 AP and netted a few silver pieces. The gold I found was negated by the bottle of wine I purchased.

Magic Leather Eyepatch: if worn during the day, can be taken off at night granting 'Catseyes'
13 SP

AP: 616

I figured I would head back there one more time...

This time, I knew not to mess with 'Big Burp', I happily surrendered my weapons and saddled up to the bar and spent 5gp on a bottle of wine. I get bumped into by an Urukin, who threatens me - I pull my dagger and quickly gut him. A quick search nets a parchment rolled up and tied with a red ribbon. I quickly leave the bar to look at the parchment in private - this has the map to the second part of the adventure.

The map leads to a rugged cliff path and up to a cave mouth. Right away, I know that I am in trouble if I stick around - some large monster is casting its shadow and flexing its muscles - I am able to rush past it into a side passage, but I know this is something I will not be wanting to fight. I soon run into a large group of screaming cannibals and fight my way through them with no real problem. They leave behind a golden statue of a hideous serpent worth 450 gp which I snatch up. I soon come upon a pool that seems to be a way out, which I am glad to take, swimming out and away from this death trap.

Golden Statue (450 GP)
(-5 GP spent)

AP: 432

Still feeling kind of lucky, I decided to visit the 'Dewdrop Inn'... (to be continued)

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