Friday, December 2, 2011

T&T: Stay Alive!

So this is what I am playing around with in my head for a possible 'BASH CON' Event...

T&T Horror: "Apocalypse Kinda Now"
You are having a good old time at the BASH Con convention, but something does not seem to be right at the end of Saturday Night. The security guard is trying to get your group out the door, but others seem to be trying to get back in. Will you survive the night?

Has anyone tried to use T&T statistics to create a character that would mimic a real person/real world stats?

I know 'Outbreak Undead' did this...but I want it to be a bit more simple and straightforward.


  1. Yes, we've done this a bit. I would suggest checking out Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes and the Lovecraft Variant. Both are in the vein of what you are looking for, I think, and much of the work has been done for you.

  2. Thanks - I am assuming that MSPE may still be available is some way from Ken, but is there any official version of the LC available in any form?

  3. MSPE can be had at Flying Buffalo's website, plus Amazon and Ebay, etc. Lovecraft Variant appeared in Sorcerer's Apprentice #7 (keep an eye on Ebay). Also, I just remembered someone did something similar on the Trollbridge, maybe called Tunnels & Terrors or something like that....