Saturday, January 7, 2012

InConTroll of the Arsenal - Day 2 and 3

Day 2 started with a bit of confusion - when we were actually going to meet at the Arsenal to start Day 2, and what the heck I would eat for breakfast. A few delays prevented Tom, Robin, and Trevor from arriving until closer to 1pm; I drove around trying not to get lost looking for a place for breakfast. A police detour (becoming a theme this weekend) forced me down a street that at least led me to a Denny's which was good enough. The trusty old grid system enabled me to easily find my way back to the streets I knew would get me back to the store.

I arrived and played and jumped in a game of 'Munchkin' with Scott and Kerry. After that, we went down to the room we had reserved to start creating characters for Scott's 'No Dice' system he was planning on running.

Scott's No Dice system
This was a play test session for Scott's game. After spending some time creating characters, we ran through a quick scenario showing how to deal with basic attribute checks and a combat scene.

Me - Elfkin with traits for Casting spells and spell resistance
Kerry - Lizardkin with fighting traits
Robin - Lizardkin with fighting traits
Tom - Elfkin with a gun
Trevor - Lizardkin with roguish traits

The system is based on using a standard deck of cards to resolve most situations. Your attributes determine how many cards you can draw and then compare against the GM. Damage is resolved in a very clever way. When a hit is scored, cards are again drawn to compare head to head, with a hit resolved or absorbed based on the head to head action. Jokers can be used to either break a tie, or to draw 2 extra cards for the given action.

We had quick scenario where some ant like entities came out of the ground, killing some innocent people. We tested the system by doing a attribute test leaping over the crevasse and then fighting the creatures. Robin's character was quite effective with her dual attack trait, Tom was slinging his guns, and Trevor was busy running away.

Robin's 'Walk the Spiral' campaign
More information on Robin's campaign can be found here.

Me - Mirela Shandor
Kerry - Penelope Curwin
Scott - Mark Astor
Tom - Amon Greel
Trevor - Sarah Curwin

"Shadows of Silver Cove" continues where the previous story left off - all the characters are now in the real world, their fantasy characters seem to have been a dream state caused by the creatures that seemingly has humanity imprisoned Matrix-like.

My character was a gypsy fortune teller who can actually contact and converse with spirits. She also has an invisible familiar. I was able to use a talisman that I had to control some shadows that had attacked the party. I also joined in on a fight with some fellow re-awakened townspeople that seemed to be automatons than we were, attacking us. Scott and Kerry had created some spears for most of us since we seemed to be all weaponless in the real world.

We eventually figured we needed to find 3 keys to enter the crypt of the father and son patriarchs of the town - the father had died in the 1930's. The town was burning down in most places, and seemed to be portraying residue haunting of a time when the town was still a resort town, before most of the town was turned into a lake, I guess because of some dam.

We found the 3rd key in a building that was surrounded by some form of alien - they were wondering around aimlessly, repeating the tasks that they were somewhat programmed to do and seemingly lost without  some form of hive leader. The ignored us when we did not bother them - Trevor had jumped on the back of one for some reason - and they did not like that, but left us alone otherwise.

We found the key, went to the tomb, opened it up - and the father animated and began crawling out of his tomb, but he had a necklace with a coin around his neck. I unsuccessfully grabbed for it, but then used my interrupt and tried again, which was successful. As a result of that, our surroundings changed and we now found ourselves in the town back in time before the lake was created - the unflooded town from the early 1900's.

Trevor's 'Bolt and Hammer' system
As I found out at the previous Hoot, the last session of Saturday night can be the most difficult - the players tend to be a bit punch drunk. Trevor had a loose scenario planned, placing us in the post-apocalyptic South America where we encountered a lizard kin race that was now populating this region of the continent and seemingly Buddhist with a temple in the town.

A flying snake seemed to have attacked the temple, or at least wrapped itself around the temple preventing anyone from escaping. Tom's character began shooting at it, we killed it, found out it was 1 of the last 2 of its kind. We traveled to the next town, where Tom decided to confess his murder, we were then again attacked by those snake worshipping lizard kin who did not like that we killed one of their snakes. We ran from town - Tom again felt all bad that we could not leave the last of its kind to live its life alone - we decided we would cause the race's extinction.

We found out the snake had some young snakelings, so we escaped without causing the race's extinction, but were yet attacked again by some other life form for some reason I cannot remember...

Hey - I will volunteer for the last adventure of the night next time...

The Red Roof Inn
Little did I know that my night's adventures was not quite over yet. The aforementioned white trash neighbors caused a stir that could have been on episode of cops, and kept me up until 3 am.

From what I could figure out based on the yelling permeating the thin walls, the husband may or may not have been locked in the room - I think I remember hearing a car scream into the parking lot and some doors slamming, a bit of yelling, and then the car screaming away again.

The wife then came back, hammering on the door yelling about how she knew he was in there and she wanted to get her stuff. I don't think anyone was in there. She then went to the office to get a key, but the receptionist refused because the room was in the husband's name - I garnered that information from the loud phone conversation right outside my door.

Then the cops showed up - they pounded on the door, but no one answered. Then I heard the WT wife explain how her husband has her computer, ID, birth certificate, and purse and she knew he had to be in the room (he wasn't). The cops then asked her what happened - she said she left to go get a drink and her husband must have taken here stuff out of her car. The car was left unlocked, so the cop asked if someone else may have stolen her stuff out of her car - and how much she actually was drinking.

Finally at 3 am, things seemed to finally get quiet and I settled down for a quick nap.

Day 3

One problem with the Arsenal was the it did not open until 12pm on Sunday. The other problem we had was that I was the only one at the hotel and I awoke at 9am and could not fall back asleep. I also did not really want be in Indy until 4pm if I was going to run my Game of Thrones adventure.

So - I left early, sending Tom a message that I was ditching them...he gave me a nice little guilt trip phone call...but I was in Toledo by 1pm and was able to make a kick arse batch of homemade chile to watch the football games.

Luckily, Pittspuke lost to the Tebow - all was right with the world - great weekend!


  1. Yes, guilt be upon you! It was a bummer to miss out on that Game of Thrones session. Sorry the whole lodging thing was such a mess and that you were alone in the Jerry Springer audition camp, but you did avoid having to sit through several Tom and Jordan decision-making grinds.

    What's a Tebow?

  2. He is the QB from Denver who many think is not very good, yet he beat the all great and powerful Pittsburgh Steelers - since the Browns suck, I take my pleasure seeing idiot towel waving morons get all upset when their cheating team loses...there was much rejoicing.

  3. And the darn camera was stuck on the 'easy' mode - that is why I could not switch to the flash...duh!