Sunday, January 22, 2012

T&T - My projects

For my T&T Horror game I have been working on, I am still looking to use some form of system to generate initial stats based on real world experience.

Using the basics from T&T, all the attributes will be the same except for one. I will have Guts (GUTS) replace Wizardry (WIZ). Instead of tapping into the magical Kremm of Trollworld, Guts will represent the character's ability to face gruesome and gory events we all know that are commonly associated with horror movies: dismembered bodies, blood, or zombies feasting on a squirming victim.

Bash Con is coming up in Toledo - I will be running both my traditional AD&D game as well as my first attempt at my horror rules. If you are free and in Toledo on Saturday, February 18 at 9am, stop on by and sign up for 'Apocalypse Kinda Now'. Robin has put together quite a comprehensive list regarding what us Peryton Gamers will be up to, read all about it here.

For Elder Tunnels, I have finished my GM Adventure and submitted it to the editor. I will talk about more details later, once I hear word back about its status and that it is not a piece of rubbish. Being new to this 'publishing' stuff, I am kind of excited to see the artwork that gets generated from what I wrote. Again, if it is not rubbish.

The next issue of Elder Tunnels will be a non-western fantasy themed issue. My project was based on an Arabian theme, and I pulled much of my inspiration from the stories and myths in The Arabian Nights or Tales of 1001 Nights, depending on which version you find.

The funny thing is that while these stories have been used in many cases for children, many reprints tend to leave out the original theme of the volume which is the reason why the stories are all being told. A Sultan is so upset that his wife has cheated on him, he decides that all women are untrustworthy and thus he will only marry a virgin every night, and every morning, she will be killed before she has a chance to betray him. The stories are told by the Vizier's daughter who has volunteered to be his next wife, and she purposely prolongs the stories so that they do not end before dawn, forcing the Sultan to belay the order to have her killed so that she can continue the story the next night.

If you do read the Arabian Nights stories though, you will find that women typically portrayed as cunning and wicked enchantresses, or weak and frail victims. Women that are strong and heroic tend to be killed by the evil that they helped destroy. These 'strong' women also tend to be enchantresses. Not a hard idea to believe judging from where these stories originated.

There are some supernatural creatures that are included in the stories such as Geniuses (Djinn), Faeries, Ghouls, and Ogres. Another theme tends to include men being turned into animals, especially dogs, by the wicked enchantresses or evil Geniuses.

Good stuff - I am currently reading about Sindbad and his 7 journeys...


  1. Speaking of Horror T&T did I ever mention CrawlSpace to you?

  2. yup - i downloaded the rules only version - we did talk about this a few weeks back :)