Sunday, January 1, 2012

T&T Stay Alive!...Further Research

Another show that has been an inspiration is the BBC series 'Survivors'.

While not a zombie apocalypse, it is a global pandemic that has wiped out a good 95% of the world's population. Survivors seem to be naturally immune to the virus, all seeingly except for one of the characters. Abby Grant had contracted the virus and was being cared for by her husband. She awoke from her fever to find her husband had died, but she somehow had pulled through. After burying her husband, she sets out to find her son who was away at summer camp (or whatever the British equivalent would be called).

Another character is a felon who is stuck behind bars at the time of the event. It seems that only he and one other guard have survived; at least one guard that has not abandoned his post. Tom Price seems to have a history with this guard who refuses to let him out of his cell, feeding him and so forth. Eventually, Tom is forced to kill the guard in order to get his freedom. Tom is a killer who seems to understand that dark nature of mankind in the new society they are witnessing, more apt to not trust that people will tend to not act honorably.

There is a MP that survived the pandemic and was able to get to a government facility and start a fledgeling society with rules and system of punishment for lawbreakers. Her attempts to try to operate a provisional type of government seem to fail as she is quite harsh with rules and forced to make deals with the gangs that treaten society.

What made me think of this series (I still need to finish watching season 2) is the always present, secret government group that will stop at nothing to do what it wants to do, in this case seemingly to find a cure. When these people find out that Abby is the only known person that has survived the virus after being infected, they send out teams to capture her so that she can be brought in to create and test a vaccine.

When dealing with a 'Stay Alive' type of campaign, I think the zombies become part of the environment, like in 'Walking Dead' and other items that I have read. In order to keep things interesting for a long campaign, many antagonists need to be identified to keep things fresh. The untrustworthy government group is yet another hook that can be used when dealing with a world without conventional monsters like a fantasy game.

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