Sunday, February 19, 2012

BASH Con 2012 - 'Stay Alive!: Apocalypse Kinda Now'

BASH Con arrived and I was woefully under prepared for the task I set out to do. I still did not have a firm grasp on how I wanted to handle character creation and how to handle GUTS and STABILITY. I have a fairly good grasp on RESISTANCE and how I want to manage that after I created the updated Zombie.

I guess woefully is an overstatement. I had my story line and scenes I wanted developed in my head. The MSPE rulebook was used to create a weapons list. I typed up all my notes for possible encounters - I like to have more than enough such items so that I can let the characters determine their course more so than trying to follow a specific script.

The start of the adventure is always the most challenging for me. I came up with a list of various tidbits of information that the characters could look for on the internet, overhear in conversations, and watch on television: descriptions of YouTube videos, newscasts, and police band banter. I also threw in some phone calls from loved ones for those that had spouses at home. 

This led to the first encounter with the newly walking dead. I am not going to go into too much detail, but I was sufficiently pleased with the character reactions and paranoia. The group was confronted with both a fully turned zombie, and a bite victim to care for. My goal was to show them their first zombie as well as what happens when you are bitten. They also saw what happens when a policeman shoots a zombie square in the chest two or three times.

I guess I have been too used to helping the boy with making decisions in my AD&D game, but Tom thankfully reminded me on one such occasion. It is truly a beautiful thing when you can sit back and enjoy the conversation and interaction of a great group of role players. They went from initial security (shoring up the room they were in), to finding some weapons in the nearby dealer hall, to finding a better location to hold up (smaller and access to food), to helping a trapped NPC, and finally their ultimate escape from the building so that they could get out of the city which the perceived would become a living nightmare. The college campus they were on was already getting pretty bad. My estimation of what such a incident could do to a dormitory was gruesome.

The players pictured above: L-R, Robin (Perrryton), Tom (Kopfy), Paul's Jacket (G'Noll), Alex, Andy, and Bill. Trevor (Garnak) left for another game. While I was momentarily away, I guess it was decided by either Tom or Trevor to end his character's life by committing suicide when he left the game. This provided another opportunity to see what happens to a body in my Zombie Apocalypse when it is not infected by a bite or the other cause of the infection.

One of the biggest discussions was regarding if they should attempt the escape right away (about 2am and in the dark), or wait until morning when they could have daylight to help them navigate and see walking dead. The group was split down the middle, so the random roll of the NPC votes swayed them to the night time adventure outside.

Now - I am going to work on getting an introductory adventure written based on this event and work to get some rules shored up.