Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mail Call...from Flying Buffalo

I remember sending an email a long time ago to Flying Buffalo, asking questions about Nuclear War rules. I was very impressed that Rick Loomis responded directly, answered my questions, and offered additional advice while responding to multiple emails.

For that reason - I have always gone out of my way at Origins and Gen Con to visit the Flying Buffalo booth and check things out. Only recently have I been actually interested in T&T and MSPE, so I usually walked away without a purchase, other than the 'Nuclear War: Weapons of Mass Destruction' I picked up at some past Origins when that first was released.

I met Ken St Andre and Rick Loomis at the Origins booth this year where I picked up the 'Delver's Pack' and few other items - my long winded account of Origins can be found here.

So...I ordered 2 things from flying Buffalo on 1/27/2012 - the 'MSPE Rulebook' and the 'T&T Bonus Pack', both at a cost of $9.99 with an additional $3 for shipping. The package arrived on 2/1/2012.

The 'Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes Rulebook' is without a doubt one of the best values you may ever find. I understand it is an older system, but for only $10, it is a steal. The book arrived in perfect condition and I look forward to digging into it.

The 'T&T Bonus Pack' on the other hand was a bit disappointing. One reason is strictly based on my personal preferences regarding T&T 7.5 versus older editions which I have no real experience with. Everything in this pack are just photocopied items from previous print items, which by no means is false advertising as the FB website clearly states everything in the pack and what to expect. So while I understand fully that this material is more geared to support an earlier edition of the game, there is really not much here to warrant the $10 price tag.

I only paid $3 for shipping on a package that had $8 in postage on it. Taking this into consideration, the $23 spent is still worth the price overall. Again - cannot express how happy I am with the quality of the MSPE rulebook and how darn thick it is for the price. The one thing I know is that when you order from Flying Buffalo, you will get everything as described and it will be shipped fast and secure. I will more than likely be coming back for some more MSPE stuff in the coming months, or just look for Rick at Origins in May.

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