Friday, February 10, 2012

Mail Call...from Lulu (Fight On! #13)

One more Mail Call before I switch gears back to my BASH Con preparation...

The great thing about Lulu is that there are plenty of coupon codes that you can utilize to reduce the price of your order. While the 20% off is nice, the free shipping discount that seems to come around once a month is an even better value. I have ordered all of my Elder Tunnels from Lulu along with a few other T&T and Bean products.

This time around, I ordered the Ken St Andre devoted edition of the independent magazine Fight On! Ever since Ken mentioned it on the 'Walla, I was eager to get this one. Also, I was fortunate enough to have play tested the 'Battle School' solo that Ken contributed to the issue. Although, myself and the other play testers did not get the credit we were potentially promised. I say 'potentially' because I think Ken had said we may get credited when the adventure was printed.

I would find it very hard to be disappointed in a 122 page book with glossy covers for only $9.99. There was much more T&T than I was expecting, being a book that I believe normally caters to the D&D 3.0-4.0 crowd. There is so much content here, I just have not had the time to really dig in. I can vouch for Battle School, which is a great solo adventure, especially for a new T&T player (like me) as it really breaks out the combat very effectively.

And if you have never ordered from Lulu, check out the packaging in the above picture. Every book I have ordered is sealed on cardboard and then shipped in a very sturdy box.

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