Saturday, February 11, 2012

Review - Dewdrop Inn

One of my 'Trollhalla Bloody Friday' purchases in 2011 was the Trollhalla Press 'Dewdrop Inn'. Written by Ken St. Andre with illustrations by David Ullery, this one is a massive 68 pages (8.5'' x 11'') with a nicer and heavier card stock cover.

The Dewdrop Inn seems like a nice place to stay with a quality meal and a bed for the night. Upon awakening though, you are without any of your magic weapons (if you have any), except if you are a wizard who will still have any focusing device.

Based on your character class, you may get some additional information or help before proceeding with the adventure. As you play, you are working your way down through levels of the Inn. There is a common monster called the 'Thing' that will be quite easy to defeat on Level 1. As you progress through the various options, you will find you meet the thing again and again on subsequent levels. The Thing will be a bit more powerful each time you meet it. Likewise, some other rooms will be encountered multiple times and the threat involved, if any, will be multiplied by the Level you are currently on.

Playing 'Dewdrop Inn' reminds me of some of the old Fighting Fantasy Books, but a bit more forgiving. The adventure is a puzzle. There are some repeating circular patterns, and as you progress down through the maze, the common monster you face will get tougher and tougher. Impending doom becomes a reality as this monster will be so tough, no matter what your level, that you will be defeated. The introduction of the adventure does not lie - you goal is not to find treasure and riches - your goal should be to just find the way out.

One word of advice - there is at least one NPC that you encounter that will help by offering to join you. If you are of lower level, you will want to bring this guy along because you will be needing his combat dice.

Delving Dwarf Rating - 4 (out of 5) Mugs of Ale!

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