Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stay Alive! - Attributes

I spent the weekend wrapped up in the design of the character sheet as mentioned in my previous post. There are a few things I am going to experiment with regarding the standard T&T attributes.

For Strength, all I did here was add a box to display the amount of weight that a character can carry. To me, it makes sense to go on the character sheet next to the attribute that drives it.

For Constitution, Resistance will represent the character's ability to resist disease as well as overall health. For a game set within a  zombie apocalypse, it would represent the ability to fight the infection of a zombie bite. I am still working out the mechanics, but I am leaning towards dividing the CON score by 10, rounding up. This Resistance score could then be used as either a modifier when making an SR against the disease, or it could also represent the number of times the character can endure or avoid infection when and SR is failed.

I would also like to keep this whole issue a bit of mystery to the player so they don't really know if they are infected for not. Still have some work to do on this one. Some characters could be naturally resistant or immune to the disease. I am thinking that play testing will help flesh this out for me.

Guts replaces the Wizardry attribute and represents the character's ability to deal with gruesome and overwhelming situations. Stability could also be calculated in some way off of the Guts attribute.

Another option for both Resistance and Stability would be that they are blank when you start play. If a player is bitten, the player can roll her SR. The SR is rolled, but the player is not told what the target is. Based on how well the player rolls, she can easily determine what level SR she has rolled, but will still be uncertain at least initially if she was indeed successful. Whether successful or not, the player gives herself a mark in the resistance box.

The same would go for stability - add a mark in the Stability box each time there is a failed SR versus Guts. This could then serve as a negative modifier for future Guts saving rolls. Since Guts saving rolls will have more immediate effects in game play (running away in fear, vomitting, freezing or hesitating), there would be less need for trying to hide or confuse this. Likewise, overly heroic acts or successes could remove a mark in the stability box.

Just thinking out loud here - if I don't get this stuff written down, it tends to disappear on me...

I am also thinking for Resistance, the more ticks you have, the easier it is to make your SR - like you are naturally immune. For Stability, it would be the opposite - maybe each tick represents the SR level you would need to overcome...

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