Friday, February 24, 2012

Stay Alive! - Character Types

Artwork © 2008 Jeff Freels, used with permission
The big question is this - Citizen or Warrior?

I originally created the character sheet and purposely left off 'Type' instead of 'Kindred'. My thinking was initially that everyone would just be Warriors and I did not want to create something that would totally omit the possibility of using other kindreds.

In the game we played at BASH Con, one of the characters put in the kindred box 'Not a Zombie'. This made total sense - I am designing this to be a real world horror variant, so here on Earth at least, everyone is Human.

Regarding type, the choices are clearly either Citizen or Warrior. No magic and the real world environment seems to eliminate the other classes (Rogue, Wizard, Specialist, Paragon). Active duty soldiers make sense to be considered as warriors from the start.

Most everyone else would make sense to be Citizens (with their combat adds halved), including policemen. I have seen many a policeman that is overweight or out of shape. I also would think that people in great physical condition would not necessarily be warriors. Talents would serve as a bit of an equalizer, giving bonuses to those characters with gun training or martial arts training.

The one thing I have stuck in my mind is that eventually, this citizen who is thrust into a Zombie Apocalypse could very well turn into a Warrior. Something to worry about?


  1. Your thoughts makes complete sense. Perhaps when the citizen reaches a certain level he can opt to change type to warrior, or maybe you could have characters spend X amount of EP to convert from citizen to warrior.

    I want to play this game. :)

  2. Comments from G'Noll...

    I think that you may be over-thinking this. Logically, yes, most
    people in our society would be Citizens rather than Warriors. But the
    basic problem of setting up the game is one of balancing the power of
    the characters against the power of the zombies, and if you make all
    of the characters citizens, you will have to dial back the zombies to
    match. I think for simplicity's sake you should probably just make all
    PCs Warriors.

  3. I agree with G'Noll (JerryTel), with one proviso. All PC's should be Warriors, UNLESS some oddball PC happens to be a kid. Then make that kid-PC a Citizen.

    --The Grand Rascal (a.k.a. "Glarrrn" on Trollhalla)

  4. A rare Type known as Psychic could occur. This is a supernatural game after all.

  5. Tom - have you thought of what a psychic character would be like in game terms? I agree - a twist could be a character developing or having some psychic talents that emerge.