Friday, February 17, 2012

Stay Alive! - Zombie (Standard)

This is a variant on the Zombie that I created a few months back. My basic premise is that a lone zombie should be relatively easy to take out by one or two characters - but you still need a headshot to finish it. With that in mind, I think that this zombie is more in line with a T&T fantasy game and could be a bit too tough for a real-world Zombie Apocalypse game.

This version of a zombie is more in line with what I want with a real world apocalypse game. I am calling this one a standard zombie because I may be creating some non-standard or special zombies as well, similar to Left 4 Dead.

In my Stay Alive! game, the zombies are not the result of the dead rising from the grave, but more due to a disease that has infected and killed its victims, followed by their reanimation as zombies.

Stay Alive! - Zombie (Standard)
Artwork © 2008 Jeff Freels, used with permission
MR: 60
Combat Dice: 3d6 + 15*
Special Abilities: Zombification, Zombimemory, Zombisenses
Special Damage: 2/Bite (L2 ST vs LUCK to avoid)
Special Hindrance: 2/Headshot
Special Defense: Down But Not Out
Appearing: 1-100+
CON: 30

*No matter how much damage a zombie has taken, its combat adds will always remain at 15. This is a reflection of the dulled reflexes and muscle coordination, but at the same time, the zombie's unnatural strength due to it not caring about breaking its own limbs or pulling muscles.

A zombie is an animated corpse that has no care about pain or fear and only has a singular desire to eat/destroy the living. Movement of zombies should vary based on how decomposed the body is. A zombie that has recently been zombified could have a bit more spring in its step because its muscles are in a bit better state than a zombie that could be a few weeks old. Also, a zombie without its legs could only crawl and thus would be moving a bit slower.

Zombies attack by grabbing, clawing and biting. If a single zombie or a group of zombies roll at least 2 SPITE damage, there is a possibility that a bite has been inflicted. Spite damage in combat with a zombie should be divided among the characters in groups of 2. Any excess SPITE (an extra single point of damage) should be distributed as normal SPITE damage.

For each potential bite, a character will need a SR vs LUCK with a level equal to the number bites taken +1. (Example: a single bite, which is 2 SPITE, would require a Level 2 SR vs LUCK to avoid being bitten.) If successful, the damage is still taken, but the character was able to avoid being bitten. If the SR fails, there is now a chance that the character has been infected.
  • Resistance - when bitten, the character should make a mark on the character sheet in the Resistance box. The GM will secretly determine if the character is infected or not by rolling the SR for the character. The character's 'Resistance' factor will represent the level SR vs CON needed to avoid being infected. Even if the resistance roll is successful, the character should feel ill and whether or not she is infected for sure should remain a mystery.
  • Infection - if infected, the character will feel ill and develop a fever. Over a few hours, the symptoms will get worse and the character will eventually die and almost immediately reanimate as a zombie. 
Some zombies will retain some memories from their former lives. An example would be if confronted with a closed door, 'Zombimemory' may kick in and the zombie may try to open the door instead of trying to pound it down or try to walk into it.

Even a low level character should have little trouble taking out a single zombie. But, if other zombies are around, loud noises or bright lights could alert other zombies to gather and move towards this location. This is called 'Zombisenses'. Saving Rolls reflecting the situation should be utilized to sneak around or through groups of zombies, or to determine if a given noise alerts a nearby zombie to the character's location. Some examples could be:
  • Sneaking past a zombie facing the other direction - L1 SR vs DEX
  • Sneaking past a larger group of zombies - L2 SR vs LUCK
A zombie's weakness is a blow to its head. Every 2 SPITE Damage will automatically kill a zombie, despite any damage previously taken or which side ultimately wins the combat round. Normal damage should  still be calculated and applied for the round based on standard T&T combat.

Down But Not Out
Once a zombie takes 30 damage to its CON, it will fall down, but it will not be finished. For one round, it will remain on the ground, but the next round it will be back up again and at normal zombie strength. Since a zombie cannot be knocked out, a downed zombie is not a defenseless zombie. While it will not contribute any combat dice for one round, it will still need a Headshot to finish it off.

Copyright © 2012, Jerry Teleha


  1. Nice! I like these zombies, think I'll poach the details for a future game. I've always preferred the infected Romero zombies over the classic "necromancer's servant" zombies.

  2. This is some awesome sauce. I totally dig it.

  3. Awesome, but shouldn't the Zombification process SR be against CON instead of Luck?

  4. Thanks for the comments all...The Bite itself is against LUCK - the infection is against CON, I need to add a bit to the 'Resistance' section - thanks!