Monday, March 19, 2012

MSPE - Missile Combat Adds Question

Mercenaries, Spies, and Private Eyes (MSPE) has generated some excitement around the homestead.

At first as I was researching using guns for my Stay Alive! horror variant for T&T, I wanted to get a look at MSPE to see the weapons lists and also to find out how guns were handled in the system. As I moved along with SA!, I started to really like what I was reading for MSPE, especially as a replacement to TSR's Top Secret RPG which I have found very difficult to play. The system is just too complicated for its own good in my opinion and the experience charts are impossible to figure out, at least for me.

MSPE however was very simple, being a variant itself of the original T&T system. I came up with a quick system to convert our Top Secret characters to MSPE - more on that in a later post.

My current issue is with the MSPE missile combat adds - I had posted a question on the 'Walla and got no response, so I am throwing this out to anyone that may have some experience with this system.

The rules clearly state that Missile Combat adds are derived by taking the number of LUCK points your character has above 12. Since Dexterity is already used to determine if you hit or miss, LUCK is all that is added to your CA's which makes perfect sense to me.

I cannot find anywhere in the rulebook where there is reference to adding CA's to burst fire or even fully automatic (full clip) attacks.

The simple question is this - Do Missile Combat Adds get applied to each bullet that hits a target?

I am assuming yes since armor is applied at a per bullet level, so damage is more than likely also applied as well. I really cannot think of any other way to do it since the each bullet could hit a different location, thus affecting different possibilities of the relevance of armor worn.


  1. Hey Jerry,

    I think it is a matter of interpretation. I think the adds are added once, as there is only one roll for to hit and one for damage per shot/burst, not per bullet. But, I also understand your reasoning and can't say it doesn't make sense. Funny thing is, in the Missile Combat Adds section it says their use will be better explained in combat, but it isn't explained at all.

  2. Thanks Paul - more than anything you gave me exactly what I was looking for, which is the fact that it is not explained later :)

  3. The real question that needs answering is, can I stop bullets with the power of my freed mind? (Sorry I took the blue pill. Or was it the red pill?)

    -Taran Dracon from Trollhalla

  4. I've actually been meaning to discuss Missile Adds with you. I'd forgotten that you haven't read T&T 5th edition which actually covered the topic.

    As for multiple bullet shots, I'd say no to adding MA to each bullet. It goes against the "Quick and Fast" combat philosophy of both T&T and MSPE.