Monday, April 9, 2012

Coming Soon in the Spring Elder Tunnels...

Since the newest issue has taken a bit longer to come out than expected, I have been holding off on this entry for some time now...I guess now is a good time to let it fly...

The upcoming Elder Tunnels publication from Peryton Publishing will include my submission, a GM adventure entitled 'Days and Nights in Baru-Kesh'. This Spring issue is non-Western themed, and my contribution is loosely based on the Arabian Nights stories.

Here is the Introduction to my adventure:

I believe in providing various options to the players when running an ongoing campaign. While there will always be times that you will have a pre-determined adventure or scenario to run, I love to give the players the opportunity to explore and be free to choose their course of action. That is why I have grown to love running city adventures where the possibilities can be endless for the imaginative GM.

This GM adventure could be used as brief interlude for traveling characters, or the start of an ongoing city campaign spanning multiple sessions. It is designed to use with Tunnels & Trolls 7.5 for up to six characters, Levels 1-3. Higher character levels could easily be accounted for by adjusting Monster Ratings or Challenges presented. Being a fantasy take on an Arabian culture, common non-human kindred will be out of place, but not unaccepted. Other kindred can be played, but may be treated more as an outsider or with fear/distrust.

Some highlights of the adventure include:
...and that is just from my contribution. There will be plenty more T&T goodness that you will be able to sink your Trollish Teeth into!

Keep an eye out for this new issue of Elder Tunnels, release date of April 13, 2012.

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