Monday, May 21, 2012

Days and Nights in Baru-Kesh, Bonus Encounter

'Days and Nights in Baru-Kesh' can be found in Peryton Publishing's Spring 2012 issue of Elder Tunnels and can be purchased at Lulu and DriveThruRPG. The following is a bonus encounter that can be added to the existing list of 6 scenarios.
  1. The Persistent Porter 
  2. The Determined Dog
  3. The Addled Alchemist
  4. The Jaded Jeweler
  5. The Ghul in the Graveyard
  6. The Perilous Pit

(Bonus Scenario)
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7. The Hassled Huckster 

The market, or bazaar, in Baru-Kesh is a place well-known for finding almost anything you may be looking for including Spices, exotic weapons, furniture, jewelry, cloths, rugs, and all manner of foodstuffs. The smells of these items will mix with the cooked meats and breads that are available for sale by the merchants of the market.
This scenario can occur at any time during the day in the Baru-Kesh market. A group of 4 armed men will make their way through the crowds and approach the stall of a glass merchant. The glass merchant is roughly grabbed by two of the men. The other two men then begin to smash his products knocking cups, vases, and bowls to the ground with their spears and flipping over shelves and tables. The merchant will try to resist, screaming for the men to stop. He is then punched in the stomach and while falling to his knees in pain, he is kicked in the face.

A growing crowd will begin to gather and watch the events unfold. There a few things that may be noticed by the party if they are actively looking.
Level 2 SR (INT) - the group has been in the city long enough to notice that the uniforms worn by these men are not those of the Baru-Kesh city guard.
Level 2 SR (LK) - as a large crowd begins to gather around the scene, the group does notice a 2 man city guard patrol, leaning on their spears and watching as well. They do not seem to have any interest in getting involved.  
If the guards are spotted and approached by any member of the group, they will continue act indifferent to the situation. For any attempt made to influence the guards to act, the level of the SR (CHA) required for success should be determined by GM based on how realistic or enticing the reason may be. If money is also offered, a Level 0 SR (CHA) is all that would be needed for the guards to move forward to disperse the crowd.

When the men have almost completely ransacked the stall, they will gather up the merchant and lead him away. If the city guard begin to intervene, the men will hasten their exit with their prisoner.
If anyone in the group is keeping an eye on the guards and/or the men who are dragging away the merchant, a Level 1 SR (LK) will result in the that character seeing the guards and the men exchange glances and nods.
As the merchant is being dragged away, a pouch that was in his hand will fall to the ground. As the crowd presses forward to get to any remaining stock that may not be broken, a Level 2 SR (SPD) will allow any character that makes the attempt to get to the pouch before another member of the crowd.
If the SR fails, a peasant will get to it first and attempt to get away from the crowd in order to open the pouch to see what he has found. An attempt to bribe (INT/CHA) or intimidate/threaten (STR/CHA) the man will be successful with a Level 1 SR. Spells or even violence could also be applied if the group is persistent The guards are busy dealing with dispersing the crowd and the group will be able to act with little or no threat of being caught.
The pouch contains a few coins, a key, and a long lock of dark auburn hair. If the group asks about the crowd, they will find out that the men are members of the private guard of wealthy man by the name of Vidon Al-Vidar. The man that was dragged away is a widowed merchant named Fazouk Abir.

From here, there are plenty of directions to go:

  1. Fazouk is suspected of meeting with Vidon's wife in secret. 
  2. Fazouk's daughter has disappeared and he is currently trying to track her down.
  3. Fazouk has kidnapped Vidon's daughter and is holding her for ransom
  4. Vidon is a member of the city's crime circuit and is dealing Fazouk since he refuses to cooperate
Where do you think this one should go?