Friday, May 4, 2012

Elder Tunnels: Spring 2012 - Now Available
New from Peryton Publishing

This issue's theme is the world beyond Medieval Europe. We've got stuff from the Incan Empire, Arabian Nights, Japanese folklore, and all sorts of other exotic excellence. Like, for instance:
  • Going Swords & Sandals, an article by Tom K. Loney on making your swordsmen show their legs
  • Into the Wyrd, a Peakvale update for GM's, providing a ready excuse to send your players abroad,  by Scott Malthouse
  • Dangers of Bakemono Forest, an oriental-style solo by Brian Penn
  • The Story's the Thing, an op-ed article by Michael Eidson
  • The Inca Empire, an article by Trevor Hudgins
  • Days and Nights in Baru-Kesh, an Arabian Nights-inspired GM adventure by Jerry Teleha
Managing Editor, Christine Crabb
Cover Design, Christina Lea

  • Jeff Cortez, cover
  • Joe Calkins
  • Michael Hartlieb
  • Monkeylot
  • KO Okami
  • Brian Penn

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