Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tunnels & Trolls with Ken

Maybe it is something that we take for granted, having such direct contact with Ken St. Andre that includes give and take via email and communication via Trollhalla. Just having the opportunity to bounce questions off of the creator of the game we play is very cool; a chance to play in a game that he is running, even cooler.

When I first met Ken at Origins in 2011, he was putting out the offer all weekend that if anyone grabbed 2 or 3 friends, he would be happy to run a T&T game right there and on the spot. I was happy to see in 2012, he had 4 events scheduled in the registration system. For me, it was just a matter of which day would fit best into my schedule.

I am not wearing the hat...
Two other guys showed up to play the game on Thursday morning at 9 AM. One was (I believe) a newcomer to T&T from England. The second player was familiar with 5th Ed and had played before, but had little or no experience with 7.5. We created characters - we had a wizard (me), a warrior, and a rogue.

We started with a 'Riverboat Adventure' where we were all hired on as additional crewmen for a trip downstream. We still had time after that, so we entered the 'Dungeon of the Bear' as well. The warrior in the group had the worst luck: he fell in the river and then in the dungeon, he was also turned into a werebadger.

During the session, I did get a chance to ask Ken about how he handles Missile Combat Adds, which has been one of my hot topics. I cannot remember what he said (good job Jerry), but I personally am still leaning towards the MSPE method, only applying Luck to the Combat Adds since Dexterity is used to determine if the attack hits or not. I believe Ken said that he would only use DEX and LK for Missile Combat Adds. (JT Update 6/16/12 - I just read the Riverboat Adventure in the Free RPG Day 2011 where it is clearly stated that Combat Adds for Missile is DEX Adds x2.)

During the 'Riverboat Adventure', I wanted to cast a spell in a certain situation and asked Ken if such a spell existed, and he said no. So - this could  be something I write about in a future article for a certain magazine...

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