Friday, July 27, 2012

Updated Gen Con Schedule for TnT

Gen Con
Indianapolis, IN - August 16-19, 2012

UPDATE - Ken somewhere along the way added some T&T events to the Gen Con schedule. As of today, there are a few seats left if you can fit it into your schedule (Friday and Saturday events).

RPG with Ken St. Andre (Khenn)
Get your character killed by the author himself, Ken St Andre. We should make tshirts. "My character was killed by Ken St Andre". Maybe we will. Come to this event and find out.

RPG with Ken St. Andre (Khenn)
You don't know what adventure Ken will be running. Neither do I. Ken probably doesn't either - he'll be deciding at the last minute. But you can be sure it will be dangerous. No, make that "deadly".

RPG with Ken St. Andre (Khenn)
Play in an adventure run by the guy who created the second (ever) role playing game. Ken is still writing them, and Flying Buffalo is still publishing them, and this will be one of his newer ones!

RPG with Ken St. Andre (Khenn)
The first time I played with Ken, he killed my character in less than ten minutes. Can you survive longer than that? If so, let me know. Maybe we'll give you a tshirt!


Complete list of games by Peryton Gamers can be accessed with this link (non T&T/Bean events for Game of Thrones, Call of Cthulhu, Peryton RPG, and TAG Spacers). You will need to have an active Gen Con account to be able to see these event listings.

T&T - Balrog In the Basement (Kopfy)
Tunnel delving can be quite rewarding. Of course it can be quite deadly, as well.
T&T - Into the Lion's Den
Old-school style RPG with less cumbersome rules and more entertaining role-play. Your roaring foe with the Golden Arm awaits in a serious quest with more than a hint of humor and crazy encounters.
T&T - The Tunnel of Hard Knocks (Kopfy)
What do delvers do when they are stuck between a troll and giant?
Bean! - Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1: Puppet Show Tango (Perrryton)
Animated fast food products and their neighbors hang around and argue about video games while Lovecratian cults, interplanetary crime rings, and tangled webs of espionage swirl around them.
T&T Stay Alive! - Apocalypse Kinda Now (Jherrrii)
A new pandemic races across the globe and a vaccine has been rushed to market to ease public concern, but a new problem has developed. What would you do when the dead start to walk again?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Updated Mini Character Sheet

A few months back I created a version of the T&T character sheet with the idea that I could use it for a quick reference type of sheet for solo adventures. My goal was to do something that would be formatted to fit on a 6x9 page. I applied some feedback that I received along with a few other things that I thought needed to be added. The end result is below - my updated version of the half page character sheet.

I have a PDF version that is formatted for printing 2 sheets on a single standard page. I am still working on some kinks regarding the PDF format, but it is close to what I want it to be. In the interest of those in the T&T exiled community that like to steal things and then post them without permission, I can provide copies of the PDF on request if anyone is interested.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

MSPE - Adventure Ideas

I have to say, while the boy is constantly asking for me to run MSPE, I have been a bit challenged at coming up with some good story lines for us to run with.

Last night, the better half and I watched 'Safe House' with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. I thought it was good for what it action movie about crooked CIA agents. More importantly, it gave me some good stuff to work with for my next MSPE mission for the boy.

The recent T&T game that Kopfy ran for us was great in that we role played for almost 3 hours without any combat situations. That was something that the boy actually enjoyed. He is usually complaining about not being able to get enough combat and when playing MSPE, he tends to be the 'Shoot First' type of super secret agent. It was great that Kopfy's excellent GM skills helped out in this area, especially when he is confronted with his next mission where sticking around to shoot it out will not work out for him. Hopefully, he will realize that before it is too late.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Stay Alive! Solo Adventures - Meet Mickey

Here is the character sheet for the first character to be featured in the Stay Alive! Solo Adventures.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Coming Soon - Stay Alive! Solo Adventures

Check out the start of my new page...

For those of you that were able to attend my BASH Con event, you will recognize the first adventure...from the point of view of the police officer on duty...

Stay Alive! Solo Adventures

I have the 'How to Play' page up and I am almost ready to post the first adventure, but wanted to give the five people that may read this a quick preview...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Stay Alive! Character Sheet v2

Working on some Stay Alive! efforts, including a solo adventure based on the BASH Con session, as well as some of what I still need to do for the upcoming Gen Con sessions. I updated the character sheet with some needed items.

Here are the updates I applied for version 2:
  1. Separate sections for Normal Combat Adds and Missile Combat Adds.
  2. Updated graphics at the top of the page using the 'Double Feature' font.
  3. A needed and previously missing section for character possessions by reducing the number of talents that display on the page.
I still see some additional changes, but also still flirting with a page 2 that could have more enhanced sections for possessions and such.

This will more than likely be my official one page sheet though.