Friday, July 27, 2012

Updated Gen Con Schedule for TnT

Gen Con
Indianapolis, IN - August 16-19, 2012

UPDATE - Ken somewhere along the way added some T&T events to the Gen Con schedule. As of today, there are a few seats left if you can fit it into your schedule (Friday and Saturday events).

RPG with Ken St. Andre (Khenn)
Get your character killed by the author himself, Ken St Andre. We should make tshirts. "My character was killed by Ken St Andre". Maybe we will. Come to this event and find out.

RPG with Ken St. Andre (Khenn)
You don't know what adventure Ken will be running. Neither do I. Ken probably doesn't either - he'll be deciding at the last minute. But you can be sure it will be dangerous. No, make that "deadly".

RPG with Ken St. Andre (Khenn)
Play in an adventure run by the guy who created the second (ever) role playing game. Ken is still writing them, and Flying Buffalo is still publishing them, and this will be one of his newer ones!

RPG with Ken St. Andre (Khenn)
The first time I played with Ken, he killed my character in less than ten minutes. Can you survive longer than that? If so, let me know. Maybe we'll give you a tshirt!


Complete list of games by Peryton Gamers can be accessed with this link (non T&T/Bean events for Game of Thrones, Call of Cthulhu, Peryton RPG, and TAG Spacers). You will need to have an active Gen Con account to be able to see these event listings.

T&T - Balrog In the Basement (Kopfy)
Tunnel delving can be quite rewarding. Of course it can be quite deadly, as well.
T&T - Into the Lion's Den
Old-school style RPG with less cumbersome rules and more entertaining role-play. Your roaring foe with the Golden Arm awaits in a serious quest with more than a hint of humor and crazy encounters.
T&T - The Tunnel of Hard Knocks (Kopfy)
What do delvers do when they are stuck between a troll and giant?
Bean! - Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1: Puppet Show Tango (Perrryton)
Animated fast food products and their neighbors hang around and argue about video games while Lovecratian cults, interplanetary crime rings, and tangled webs of espionage swirl around them.
T&T Stay Alive! - Apocalypse Kinda Now (Jherrrii)
A new pandemic races across the globe and a vaccine has been rushed to market to ease public concern, but a new problem has developed. What would you do when the dead start to walk again?

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  1. 58 of 62 TnT tickets sold...only game that has tickets left for TnT at Gen Con is Ken's Thursday afternoon game....