Saturday, August 25, 2012

...More Zombie Miniatures, Part 1

I have posted my report on my Game of Thrones game at Gen Con, as well as a series posts regarding the weekend in Indy in general...

I am tired of looking at a 3 week 4 week old post on the Delving Dwarf and I still have not sat down to get down the details from my Stay Alive! games.

I am also almost done with my first solo adventure for Stay Alive! that I alluded to a few weeks ago. If you are interested in being a play tester, please let me know. I will have more information regarding that later this weekend, unless I spend all my free time with these miniatures.

So, I will share the challenging task, albeit a somewhat relaxing one, of putting together plastic miniatures off of a sprue. These 'Zombie Vixens' miniatures are from Wargames Factory and are very affordable; only $16 for a box that would give you 20-24 miniatures. Purchasing this at Gen Con, I was able to get a bonus sprue, so I can now squeeze out around 30-36 miniatures, plenty for any zombie apocalypse scenario I can think of go with the multitudes of miniatures I already have from Mantic, Reaper, and plenty other companies.

The sprue comes with plenty of choices including 12 bodies, 14 or so heads, plenty of arms, but only 10 bases. I used a few extra round slotted bases I have laying around (GW Blood Bowl bases) and filled the gaps with some Vallejo Model Plastic Putty that I bought at a great price from Miniature Market. This stuff works great and the bottle show in the picture below is a bit easier to deal with than the tube the stuff used to come in.

Next step - gluing my fingers together as I try to get the heads and arms attached to the bodies...

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