Monday, August 27, 2012

...More Zombie Miniatures, Part 2

After only a few instances of difficult mold lines resulting in some excess glue on the fingers and cussing, all 12 miniatures were supplied with heads and arms, or partial arms.

Next is the base coat using a 'necrotic flesh' color. I am going to leave a few with the flesh as this base coat to maybe depict some older, more putrid zombies.

I have had mixed results with some of the 'Army Painter' spray primers. Some are really nice and go on smoothly, others are horrible and I have had to sand away some of the grit that it seems to apply. This one went on with little or no issues for the most part.

Next - I painted all the protruding bones white and any cuts or guts/gore with a deep red color.

Next is the flesh coat for the first 4...

...will get a better pic of this when I get home later.

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