Saturday, September 22, 2012

That other game that I adore...

While I have been making every effort to play more TnT, it's always fun to play the game that got me hooked in the first place. AD&D is still King to me. I know the rules inside and out, and while I freely admit to seeing more and more of that game's drawbacks as I get more experience with other systems, I still love it for what it is.

Now, I do run what I call AD&D 1E/2E with a 3E twist...which I guess would be similar to those TnT people out there who prefer 5E over 7.5 because of one thing or the other. The bottom line is that from the beginning, I have always been willing to ignore 'this' rule and change 'that' with any system I play. That may be what makes TnT so appealing - it was the first system that really seemed to encourage such things.

So the boy has been asking to play, so that we did. I started running what I call the 'kids' game, which is the game where our kids (my pseudo child and my adult group's kids) play the main roles and the adults, when we play, are more support characters...mostly halflings that serve the roles of the healers and spell casters. The two main kids in the game play two barbarian brothers, Lorian and Corian Darkshade.

They currently occupy a tower that was once vacant. They fixed it up a bit and got some help with getting past some of its protections, but today they were attacked by a group of  magical creatures (Displacer Beast, Wyvern, Hippogriff, and a group of bugbears). The unpainted lioness is Lorian's Figurine of Wondrous Power...need to finish that miniature).

The Wyvern successfully took out both an NPC and one of the barbarian brothers with its stinger...since the saving throw failed, I allowed his Ring of Regeneration to keep him alive until they could figure out a way to neutralize the poison.

Being a game for kids, I have built in many things to help them out of some situations like plenty of magic items, rings of recall to allow them to get to their homebase when they need to, and powerful NPC friends that can get them a cleric or other magical aids if needed. In this case, their friend the powerful mage showed up with a cleric to cure Corian and help 'Raise' the NPC that died. Of course, they negotiated a proper trade of services by giving up some of the Wyvern poison. The dragon miniature is actually the baby dragon that one of the brother's wished for...gotta make it fun and interesting eh! He found a Luck Blade in the last adventure...and he promptly wished for a baby dragon. It is actually like a foot long currently, more so a hatchling I guess. Should provide for some fun times.

They then hitched a ride back to the city with their wizard friend via teleport. There, they entered into some fights in the Arena. At the Arena, they met with the friendly neighborhood weapons dealer (who will be making an appearance in my TnT Baru-Kesh adventures) and signed on for some Arena fighting. After defeating a Bullette, they fought against some Winter Wolves.

Lorian is a lot more powerful than his brother, he and I play many games where it is just the two of us. That is the weapons dealer surrounded by his ladies in the stands watching. The two halflings are two of the PC/NPC's. Corian had some issues, but an adoring fan was cheering him on, and offering some encouragement.

The highlight of the night was my 'indifferent staffer'. Lorian has experienced much success in the Arena and he is actually quite famous for his 'slaying of manticore with a single throw of a dagger' and his other accomplishments. He actually brags about it alot in the game to other NPC's which is very humorous. When signing up to fight, the indifferent staffer did not recognize him and did not seem excited at all once Lorian explained to him who he was. Lorian then told the staffer exactly how he and his brother should be announced when entering the Arena. I took it down word for word and proceeded to pronounce 'Chief Lorian Darkshade' as 'Chef Lori Ann Darkshed' among many other errors...good times. The great thing is that the boy is getting very good at this role playing stuff.

Next up...they had negotiated salvage rights for the fight with the Bulette. They were allowed to keep the armor plates of the creature which are worth a good amount of gold when used to create shields or armor. Now they have to find a dwarven blacksmith that can help them out...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Holiday Game Bash VII, Parma, OH - December 8, 2012

We are in the planning stages of running some T&T events at the North Coast Gamers annual Holiday Game Bash. This year, it is in Parma, OH at a much bigger location and closer to much better food options than last  year.

Although, I will miss the game room where the RPGs were last year, in a Christian Elementary School classroom....with those tiny tables and chairs.

Would this be officially classified as a Hoot? Or will we be InConTroll? Or maybe, just Troll Bashing?

Whatever we call it, the more the merrier and attendance is limited. More information and discussion can be found here.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Stay Alive! Solo Adventures - Play Testers Wanted...

Before Gen Con, I was hopeful to get some writing completed for a Stay Alive! solo that I was working on. Having never written such a thing before, I quickly got bogged down and definitely over estimated my ability to get something put together.

I do have a few T&T articles either waiting to be published or in the process of being considered...and I have turned my attention back to the Stay Alive! Solo Adventures site that I had created. The one thing that also bogged me down a bit is that I wanted to try to use the Blogger site to create a clickable solo adventure. That took some time as well to figure out the best way to lay things out, even with the Blogger interface being quite annoying when even trying to make the simplest of updates.

I also wanted to lock down this solo adventure site so that I could control those people that would have access. I am not assuming at all that my work is something worth stealing by the resident crook in the T&T universe, but since one of my FREE character sheets showed up on that site with trademark to Flying Buffalo Inc. and my name removed as the creator, I am a bit hesitant. I make every effort to ensure the art that I use with permission is acknowledged.

If you would like to be a play tester for me, please reply to this post with your Trollhalla name. Unfortunately, unless I know who you are from previous encounters, that will be the best way for me to confirm who I am dealing with. I would expect to have something ready by the end of the month (September).

In the meantime, visit Trollhammer Press for information on the upcoming Pocket Troll #1.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

...More Zombie Miniatures, Part 4 - Ready for the table

While the instructions for the 'Army Painter' Quick Shade is to dip the entire miniature in the gunk, I like to use a foam brush to apply. It makes it easier to control the flow of the varnish. I then rip the foam off the stick and use the clean end to clean up any excess that I think is too much or pop any bubbles that tend to appear when applying.

After applying the Quick Shade and letting dry for at least 24 hours, the miniature appears very shiny. A flat clear coat spray will remove that shine and make the miniature look as it should. I currently use the Army Painter Clear Coat, but I have used the Testors brand as well and it works just as well. Just make sure you buy the 'flat' version of the spray - that is what removes the shine.

Standard Elmer's glue or a puzzle glue can be used for applying basing materials. I do use the GW glue, but again...any white glue will do. I have gotten lazy and have mixed my flock, static grass, and other terrain brush stuff all together to make it easier to just dip and be done. If you like having your static grass bunched together, then after you have applied your flock and it has dried, you can spot on some super glue or additional regular glue to the base and then drop the static grass in clumps, using tweezers to tease them around a bit. Again - I just don't care to take that much time with the bases anymore.

Once I figure out a way to get better quality pics of the miniatures, I will create a gallery page...

Next post will be back on the gaming side of things...maybe a certain spike tailed meandering monster that I have always been fond of...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

...More Zombie Miniatures, Part 3

Just about done with these miniatures posts that more than likely no one is really reading...

I was able to find time to finish the base coats on 5 of the miniatures. I recently bought some reaper squeeze bottle paints on ebay for my sister's kids who wanted to start painting after visiting and seeing our kids having so much fun with it. Finally, I found a color that works well as black or african-american flesh color. So, I messed around with that a bit.

The Army Painter paints are not that good (in my opinion, very thin and poor quality), but I do like the idea of the Army Painter system, where you just base coat the miniature and then dip it in the varnish to add shading and other details in half the time. Especially good when you are painting armies of the same types of troops and you can afford to just base coat and move on. That is the next step for these miniatures.

The main problem with taking pictures at 12.1 mega-pixels is that you see mistakes and other things you missed while painting. It is enough to drive you crazy...but these are just zombies, so I am not too worried about it. Also, I like the pasty white eyes - nice that I don't have to deal with pupils which also drive me crazy. For the image below, I got tired of trying to get that left eye painted, so I decided to add some more gore to the eye socket...problem solved! 

There are also many mold lines I need to remove if I paint another set of these. I already started sanding those down on the other 7 previously pictured.