Sunday, September 2, 2012

...More Zombie Miniatures, Part 3

Just about done with these miniatures posts that more than likely no one is really reading...

I was able to find time to finish the base coats on 5 of the miniatures. I recently bought some reaper squeeze bottle paints on ebay for my sister's kids who wanted to start painting after visiting and seeing our kids having so much fun with it. Finally, I found a color that works well as black or african-american flesh color. So, I messed around with that a bit.

The Army Painter paints are not that good (in my opinion, very thin and poor quality), but I do like the idea of the Army Painter system, where you just base coat the miniature and then dip it in the varnish to add shading and other details in half the time. Especially good when you are painting armies of the same types of troops and you can afford to just base coat and move on. That is the next step for these miniatures.

The main problem with taking pictures at 12.1 mega-pixels is that you see mistakes and other things you missed while painting. It is enough to drive you crazy...but these are just zombies, so I am not too worried about it. Also, I like the pasty white eyes - nice that I don't have to deal with pupils which also drive me crazy. For the image below, I got tired of trying to get that left eye painted, so I decided to add some more gore to the eye socket...problem solved! 

There are also many mold lines I need to remove if I paint another set of these. I already started sanding those down on the other 7 previously pictured.

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