Thursday, September 6, 2012

...More Zombie Miniatures, Part 4 - Ready for the table

While the instructions for the 'Army Painter' Quick Shade is to dip the entire miniature in the gunk, I like to use a foam brush to apply. It makes it easier to control the flow of the varnish. I then rip the foam off the stick and use the clean end to clean up any excess that I think is too much or pop any bubbles that tend to appear when applying.

After applying the Quick Shade and letting dry for at least 24 hours, the miniature appears very shiny. A flat clear coat spray will remove that shine and make the miniature look as it should. I currently use the Army Painter Clear Coat, but I have used the Testors brand as well and it works just as well. Just make sure you buy the 'flat' version of the spray - that is what removes the shine.

Standard Elmer's glue or a puzzle glue can be used for applying basing materials. I do use the GW glue, but again...any white glue will do. I have gotten lazy and have mixed my flock, static grass, and other terrain brush stuff all together to make it easier to just dip and be done. If you like having your static grass bunched together, then after you have applied your flock and it has dried, you can spot on some super glue or additional regular glue to the base and then drop the static grass in clumps, using tweezers to tease them around a bit. Again - I just don't care to take that much time with the bases anymore.

Once I figure out a way to get better quality pics of the miniatures, I will create a gallery page...

Next post will be back on the gaming side of things...maybe a certain spike tailed meandering monster that I have always been fond of...

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