Friday, September 7, 2012

Stay Alive! Solo Adventures - Play Testers Wanted...

Before Gen Con, I was hopeful to get some writing completed for a Stay Alive! solo that I was working on. Having never written such a thing before, I quickly got bogged down and definitely over estimated my ability to get something put together.

I do have a few T&T articles either waiting to be published or in the process of being considered...and I have turned my attention back to the Stay Alive! Solo Adventures site that I had created. The one thing that also bogged me down a bit is that I wanted to try to use the Blogger site to create a clickable solo adventure. That took some time as well to figure out the best way to lay things out, even with the Blogger interface being quite annoying when even trying to make the simplest of updates.

I also wanted to lock down this solo adventure site so that I could control those people that would have access. I am not assuming at all that my work is something worth stealing by the resident crook in the T&T universe, but since one of my FREE character sheets showed up on that site with trademark to Flying Buffalo Inc. and my name removed as the creator, I am a bit hesitant. I make every effort to ensure the art that I use with permission is acknowledged.

If you would like to be a play tester for me, please reply to this post with your Trollhalla name. Unfortunately, unless I know who you are from previous encounters, that will be the best way for me to confirm who I am dealing with. I would expect to have something ready by the end of the month (September).

In the meantime, visit Trollhammer Press for information on the upcoming Pocket Troll #1.


  1. Hi Jay...are you a member of Trollhalla? If so, what is your name there?

    Thanks for your interest...should have the first playtest ready soon...

  2. @ Jay Kidd; if you are still interested, this has started. You are more than welcome to join in.