Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Woeful Encounter

'The Woe Hound' can be found in Peryton Publishing's Halloween 2012 issue of Elder Tunnels and can be purchased at Lulu and DriveThruRPG. The following is an encounter that can be used for a GM Adventure in conjunction with the Woe Hound creature feature.

*     *     *     *

"A Woeful Encounter"
Intended for 3-6 players of 3rd level or less.

This encounter would be suitable to utilize when your group of players have just escaped from another situation. They are tired and preferably on the run. Some or most of the group could be either injured or low on Wizardry points. Rest is what they need and what they are looking to get in the forest that they find themselves in.

If the group is in a area that they are unfamiliar with, then it is a dense forest like any other. If the group happens to be a more familiar surroundings, a 3rd Level SR LK can be made by the characters to determine if they have heard of reports in the area about large animals attacking some local villagers in the forest. 

If anyone in the group decides to look from some game to hunt, they will not see much in the general area. 
Characters that attempt to look for game trails or tracks will notice that there are plenty about for deer, but a successful 2nd Level SR INT will reveal that the trails are all days old and nothing has been around here lately.
The individual or group of characters that are out and about should also perform a 2nd Level SR SPD. A successful check will result in the character seeing the shadow of a what appears to be a large animal in his or her peripheral, disappearing again as quick as it had appeared.

Anyone that is setting up camp will have a similar experience with movement in the woods. A 3rd Level SR SPD should be allowed for anyone that would be performing any such routine activities like setting up a tent, building a fire, or even cooking.

There is a mated pair of Woe Hounds that have taken up residence in these woods. They have driven away much of the game in the immediate vicinity of where the group is currently looking to make camp and rest. Woe Hounds are magical creatures that you can find so much more about by grabbing the above referenced copy of Elder Tunnels. For this scenario, the pair that is encountered each have a unique ability.

The male hound has an additional 'Spite' affect called Fiery Breath. The GM can decide whether to use the Fiery Breath or the Woeful Attack on any spite results in combat. These do not stack, but could be applied to separate opponents (example, the result of 2 sixes on the attack roll could be applied as 2 'Woeful Attacks' dealing double the normal spite damage to 2 different opponents, or a single 'Fiery Breath').

The female hound has a special defense that will absorb any spell damage directed at her as the 'Shield Me' spell, up to her WIZ rating (20), which will be depleted as it absorbs any such damage.
Woe Hound (Male)
    • MR: 85 (9d6 + 42)
    • Armor: Hide (4 pts)
    • Special Damage: 1/Woeful Attack (2) 
    • Special Attack: 2/Fiery Breath (1-6 Fire Damage to a single target)
Woe Hound (Female)
    • MR: 85 (9d6 + 42)
    • Armor: Hide (4 pts)
    • Special Damage: 1/Woeful Attack (2) 
    • Special Defense: Shield Me (20)
The hounds are strong and intelligent. For this scenario, they will wait until darkness to strike unless the group decided to go out looking for whatever it is they think they may have caught a glimpse of moving in the woods around them. If a smaller group should pursue a single hound, it will attack a group of up to 3 characters. If a round should pass where the hound takes damage beyond spite damage (losing a combat round), it will howl to bring its mate to him/her,which will appear to aid its mate after an additional combat round.

Of course, the group could also decide to move on from this area and leave this vile part of the forest behind them. Again - if you would like to learn a bit more about the Woe Hound, check out the newest issue of Elder Tunnels.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

GM Reminder #1 - Players do not know that

When I am running a game, I am never as prepared as I really would like to be. It is a rarity when I actually have all maps drawn out, encounters totally envisioned, and a course of events totally plotted for the story I am attempting to tell.

This is not to say that I go into something totally blind, at least not most of the time. For a few years, we had a group that used to play every Wednesday, every week. More often then not, I was the GM for a group that could be as large as 6 to 8 players. The great thing is that some of the players created intricate backgrounds that at times put the players against each other, at least in regards to some agendas, nothing that directly caused any outright division or escalated confrontations. It was a Neutral-to-Evil themed game in a city filled with assassins guilds, thieves guilds, and feuding families. More often than not, the players had an idea and I was able to go with the flow and create around that. Looking back on the notes from those adventures, they were really some of the best games I have ever been a part of.

Many times, I run a session and I know that I missed a specific item that I wanted to deliver, or I did not time a certain event the way I really wanted to or intended to. There are also times when I finish and I think that this one thing I did really ruined the game, or at least made it so it was less enjoyable for the players.

GM Reminder #1 - Players do not know that

The players are more than likely still having a good time and you may be a bit hard on yourself, or that is how I think at least. Remind yourself that as far as the players were concerned, the events happened as they were supposed to. Maybe,  it actually turned out better that way.

I know I am guilty of coming clean after the game and letting the players know that I wanted to do this or should have done that. I need to continue to remind myself that I should not do that. If the session seemed to be successful, or at least the players all seemed to be engaged and interested, it was probably just fine.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Elder Tunnels on Amazon (USA) - 4 for 3 Promotion

As I wait for the print version of the Halloween 2012 volume to hit Amazon, I noticed that the rest of the Elder Tunnels volumes are currently available at the '4 for 3' promotion:
This item is eligible for our 4-for-3 promotion. Eligible products include select Books. Buy any 4 eligible items and get the lowest-priced item free.
I have just now noticed that these print version are now available on Amazon. Being an Amazon Prime member, the free shipping would now push me here as opposed to LuLu. I don't know how long this promotion has been in place or will last, but it seems like a good time to stock up on those Elder Tunnels you may have been putting off buying if that is the case for you.

Happy Delving!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Elder Tunnels: Halloween 2012 - Now Available

Another heaping helping of the sweet stuff from Peryton Publishing for the Halloween season. I can proudly say that I have a contribution to this issue in the form of a 'Creature Feature', building off of a few things that I have already shared spiraling out of my Baru-Kesh setting.

Also included is more wonderful artwork and tremendous terrors from creators much more talented than me.
Introduction by Andre Kruppa
Creature Feature: The Woe Hound by Jerry Teleha
Creature Feature: The Bone Lord by Tom K. Loney
Junior's Return, a GM adventure by David Moskowitz
The Curse of the Three-Eyed Stone, a solo adventure by David R. Crowell

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Laws of Causality No Longer Apply

There are a few projects that I worked on that are in the limbo world of 'waiting to be published'...once those are officially made available, I will provide more details and such.

For New Khazan, I have been bouncing around a few ideas, but I have always been intrigued regarding a few topics that have been done so well so many times by the BBC TV Series Red Dwarf.

It is these types of conversations and situations that I love about Red Dwarf. I would really like to try to convert some concepts to some form of game situation. Time travel and its ramifications, future echoes while traveling at the speed of light, unreality pockets, stasis leaks, alternate dimensions, and loads of other brilliance...

For now, I guess I will concentrate on my proposal for creating back story and history for New Khazan characters, inspired by the original Traveler past history rules.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Peryton Gamers at Gen Con 2012

My refund for the Gen Con badge was processed and this is on my account page regarding Peryton Gamers as a gaming group.

I guess this means between the 3 of us, we ran enough sessions with enough attendees to get 5 GM badges compensated. I know that I barely ran enough to get my badge back. But, my events were only 3 hours long. The formula takes into account the number of seats multiplied by the hours. It takes 70 'player hours' to get 1 badge. 

My player hours was 108; that means Tom and Robin ran a booth AND also ran at least 242 player hours of events.


So for next year, if one of us submits all the events as an Event Organizer, then we can effectively qualify for badges in advance based on the number of player hours. Then said EO can assign the GM badges to the GMs with no up front cost.

Something to think about...between your booth and the games we ran, we wasted 4 badges.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Miniatures: Some Demons I already have

Still trying to support this some of the existing demon/devil miniatures that I have painted over the years..

Ral Partha Balrog (1979)...

Ral Partha Balrog (1986)...

Another Ral Partha Demon (reminds me of the Demon from 'Legend')

A Grim Reaper Demon

A Reaper Succubus

And a partially painted and large Reaper Demon

It is also funny to see how the size of the miniatures have changed over the years.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Gaming Terrain - Darkshade Tower

I run a game for the boy I have dubbed the 'Darkshade' campaign. A few weeks back I posted some details about one of our recent sessions. Early in that campaign, I had the boy and his merry band of followers find an old abandoned Wizard's Tower that I figured he could use as a base of operations.

My main goal was to provide a few essential adventuring services for the young barbarian PC:
  1. A place to lay his weary head
  2. A way to identify magic items he should find (of course, the old wizard left behind a magical cabinet that would do just that).
  3. A base of operations (a lonely tower off the beaten path - great for adventure hooks).
It did not take long before the boy really wanted to make the tower a reality in game terms. My now defunct group had a tavern that we created out of balsa wood and plywood. We had decided we could really create something cool.

I used plywood for the floors and balsa wood for the walls. I spray painted the exterior walls with a textured stone color. The interior walls were covered with 'Fat Dragon' graphics that I glued onto the balsa wood instead of making the the 3-D cardboard they were designed to be. I also had plenty of resin, hydrostone, lead, and pewter furniture and dungeon decor purchased from Mystic Moldwyrks (now out of business I believe), Grendel, Ral Partha, Mega Miniatures, and other things I had laying around collected over 20+ years.

There is a tavern and kitchen on the 1st floor accentuated with the grand staircase with the doorway leading down to the wine cellar.

1st Floor
Red Dragon Inn Staircase from Grendel
The 2nd floor is primarily spare bedrooms for other characters and NPCs.

2nd Floor
The 3rd floor is for the main characters. There is a common room, 2 smaller bed chambers, and master suite complete with a locked treasure room.

3rd Floor
Common Room
Bedroom with some Ral Partha furniture
Master Suite
The 4th floor is still being finished, but it has a few jail cells and a few side rooms along with a huge common room that has alot of wizardy stuff left over by the previous owner. It also has a weapons racks on the near wall.

4th Floor
Jail Cells

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Delving Dwarf - Top 10 Lists

Everyone else is doing it...

So here are the Delving Dwarf Stats worth sharing:

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meandering Monsters: Dretch (Demons)

Still trying to support this another demon to post...Dretch are also included in the Demons and Devils KS.

Background information and artwork for this entry primarily taken from TSR's Monster Manual II (1983). 

*     *     *     *


MM2 1983, TSR
The Dretch are the lowest of the true demons in the Abyss. They rank above the Manes in the social status of the Demons only  because Manes are not true demons. Numerous, but generally very weak, Dretch rely on their numbers in combat to have any sort of advantage.

They are about 3-4 feet in height, and are also considered a food source for more powerful demons and demon lords. Dretch do have a chance to gate or summon more allies, other Dretch, to their location.

Dretch are not very intelligent and seem to accept their role in the Abyss. One could decide to become noticed and potentially get promoted by a Demon Lord to a more powerful form, but that would mean risking its life with no guarantee of the payout. More often than not, the 'brave' and 'opportunistic' Dretch would become a meal for the Lord it was trying to impress.

MR: 40
Combat Dice: 5d6 + 20
Armor: Rubbery Hide (4 hits)
Special Abilities: Resistant to Magic (+10), Zing-Me
Special Defense: Allies (Dretch: 1)
Appearing: 5-50
CON: 40, STR: 20, WIZ: 15

Resistant to Magic (+10)
When a spell is being cast that would directly affect the creature, this acts as an additional modifier that could prevent spell from being successfully cast. The number in parentheses represents the modifier to the caster's target Saving Roll. Spells with an area effect should be handled separately with a primary roll to determine if the spell was successful, and secondary rolls for any groups or individuals with this ability.

Similar to the 5th Level 'Zingum' spell, the creature can transport itself anywhere within its site up to 50 feet. The effect is instantaneous and can be used one time a day. 

Allies (Dretch: 1)
Creatures with 'Allies' are able to spend an action/combat turn to attempt to summon/gate in other creatures, normally of the same type in the case of demons. In parentheses is the creature that can be be summoned from elsewhere in the Abyss and the SR Level required for the attempt to be successful. This can be attempted one time a day.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Special Ability: Resistant to Magic

As soon as I posted my entry for the 'Manes', I had an issue with how I attempted to capture the idea that demons are naturally resistant to all spells or magic. AD&D handled it with a simple percentage, but I wanted to use the SR system within T&T to handle this ability.

Kremm Resistance already exists within the rules for T&T regarding the WIZ rating of the caster versus the target and the 'Bad Feeling' situation. I do still want to in some way capture the idea that these creatures are still just naturally resistant to magic above and beyond this, no matter who or how powerful the spell caster is.

This immediately then should remove from consideration using 'Level of the Caster' as a measure to determine what the Saving Roll level should be.
Lowered powered beings will have lower WIZ attributes = they would have limited Kremm Resistance versus likewise lower level/powered characters.
Higher powered beings will have greater WIZ attributes = they would have more effective Kremm Resistance versus many characters.
So - I know one buddy of mine will tell me I have already spent too much time on this...but I still think a lowly Mane should have some chance of avoiding a magical attack because he innately can. How to translate that into game rules?

Maybe - 'Resistant to Magic' is a negative modifier to the spell caster...I kind of like that.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Meandering Monsters: Manes (Demons)

The following Kickstarter is from a company I have dealt with before - Center Stage Miniatures from my hometown area near Cleveland. They have the incredible Peryton miniature, which I have yet to paint :(

The KS is loaded with incredible miniatures. I much prefer the ground troops as opposed to the different Demon and Devil Lords. Luckily, the base KS is primarily the more common monsters of the Planar Wars and you have the ability to pick and choose the Lords that you would like to add to your order.

So - with that said, I did a quick bit of research using the MM, MM2, and FF books from AD&D to make sure I knew what was what, who hates who, who can gate in what, and so forth. I also threw in some TnT conversions of my own as well.

In this first installment, the Manes are included in the above mentioned KS.

Background information and artwork for this entry are primarily taken from TSR's Monster Manual (1977). 

*     *     *     *


David C Sutherland, MM 1977, TSR
Semi-Intelligent and numerous, the lowly Manes are the spirits of evil creatures from the Prime Material Plane. A Mane can be used to create a Shadow or a Ghast by a Demon Lord. They are only 3 feet in size. 

If killed in battle on its own plane, it will reform in 1 day. They can be consumed by Demon Lords as a food source which will utterly destroy them. Manes are considered as weak but valuable commodities in the Abyss.

When encountered, it will be in large numbers. Their strength is typically in their ability overwhelm with claws and bites.  They attack relentlessly and without fear once in battle.

MR: 30
Combat Dice: 4d6 + 15
Special Abilities: Resistant to Magic (+5)
Special Damage: 5*/Piling On (5)
Special Defense: Not Dead Yet
Appearing: 10-100
CON: 30, STR: 20, WIZ: 10

Resistant to Magic (+5)
When a spell is being cast that would directly affect the creature, this acts as an additional modifier that could prevent spell from being successfully cast. The number in parentheses represents the modifier to the caster's target Saving Roll. Spells with an area effect should be handled separately with a primary roll to determine if the spell was successful, and secondary rolls for any groups or individuals with this ability.

Not Dead Yet
When reduced to zero CON, this creature will dissipate in a stinking cloud of vapor (if in the Abyss). If this creature is encountered in a different plane of existence, it will be destroyed if reduced to zero CON.

Piling On (5)
Creatures attacking in large groups will have the chance to do additional  damage during a melee round if enough Spite damage is rolled for the entire group. The modifier in parentheses represents the additional damage done to a single target bypassing armor. In effect, the Spite damage cannot be distributed to multiple targets.

*Represents the required Spite damage by the entire group attacking. Multiple sets of the target number would be applied to an equal number of targets.

Copyright © 2012, Jerry Teleha

Monday, October 1, 2012

Reaper Bones Kickstarter - Trade List

Any of you out there that I know from one way (Trollhalla) or another (Reaper or Gen Con or Kickstarter forums) - here is my 'Bones' trade list. All the images I am using are straight from the Reaper Kickstarter page.

I will propose that the value the Reaper has placed on the miniatures for additional add-on copies should be the trade value that we use. Straight up value for value with each party paying for shipping within the USA. I would consider international shipping if there was someone across the pond or over the border that would be interested.

I would also be willing to trade some singles for singles here and there...but I will wait to see if there is any interest first in trading sets for sets.

The Bones sets I am interested in trading away:

The Bones sets I am interested in trading for: