Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Woeful Encounter

'The Woe Hound' can be found in Peryton Publishing's Halloween 2012 issue of Elder Tunnels and can be purchased at Lulu and DriveThruRPG. The following is an encounter that can be used for a GM Adventure in conjunction with the Woe Hound creature feature.

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"A Woeful Encounter"
Intended for 3-6 players of 3rd level or less.

This encounter would be suitable to utilize when your group of players have just escaped from another situation. They are tired and preferably on the run. Some or most of the group could be either injured or low on Wizardry points. Rest is what they need and what they are looking to get in the forest that they find themselves in.

If the group is in a area that they are unfamiliar with, then it is a dense forest like any other. If the group happens to be a more familiar surroundings, a 3rd Level SR LK can be made by the characters to determine if they have heard of reports in the area about large animals attacking some local villagers in the forest. 

If anyone in the group decides to look from some game to hunt, they will not see much in the general area. 
Characters that attempt to look for game trails or tracks will notice that there are plenty about for deer, but a successful 2nd Level SR INT will reveal that the trails are all days old and nothing has been around here lately.
The individual or group of characters that are out and about should also perform a 2nd Level SR SPD. A successful check will result in the character seeing the shadow of a what appears to be a large animal in his or her peripheral, disappearing again as quick as it had appeared.

Anyone that is setting up camp will have a similar experience with movement in the woods. A 3rd Level SR SPD should be allowed for anyone that would be performing any such routine activities like setting up a tent, building a fire, or even cooking.

There is a mated pair of Woe Hounds that have taken up residence in these woods. They have driven away much of the game in the immediate vicinity of where the group is currently looking to make camp and rest. Woe Hounds are magical creatures that you can find so much more about by grabbing the above referenced copy of Elder Tunnels. For this scenario, the pair that is encountered each have a unique ability.

The male hound has an additional 'Spite' affect called Fiery Breath. The GM can decide whether to use the Fiery Breath or the Woeful Attack on any spite results in combat. These do not stack, but could be applied to separate opponents (example, the result of 2 sixes on the attack roll could be applied as 2 'Woeful Attacks' dealing double the normal spite damage to 2 different opponents, or a single 'Fiery Breath').

The female hound has a special defense that will absorb any spell damage directed at her as the 'Shield Me' spell, up to her WIZ rating (20), which will be depleted as it absorbs any such damage.
Woe Hound (Male)
    • MR: 85 (9d6 + 42)
    • Armor: Hide (4 pts)
    • Special Damage: 1/Woeful Attack (2) 
    • Special Attack: 2/Fiery Breath (1-6 Fire Damage to a single target)
Woe Hound (Female)
    • MR: 85 (9d6 + 42)
    • Armor: Hide (4 pts)
    • Special Damage: 1/Woeful Attack (2) 
    • Special Defense: Shield Me (20)
The hounds are strong and intelligent. For this scenario, they will wait until darkness to strike unless the group decided to go out looking for whatever it is they think they may have caught a glimpse of moving in the woods around them. If a smaller group should pursue a single hound, it will attack a group of up to 3 characters. If a round should pass where the hound takes damage beyond spite damage (losing a combat round), it will howl to bring its mate to him/her,which will appear to aid its mate after an additional combat round.

Of course, the group could also decide to move on from this area and leave this vile part of the forest behind them. Again - if you would like to learn a bit more about the Woe Hound, check out the newest issue of Elder Tunnels.

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