Friday, October 12, 2012

Gaming Terrain - Darkshade Tower

I run a game for the boy I have dubbed the 'Darkshade' campaign. A few weeks back I posted some details about one of our recent sessions. Early in that campaign, I had the boy and his merry band of followers find an old abandoned Wizard's Tower that I figured he could use as a base of operations.

My main goal was to provide a few essential adventuring services for the young barbarian PC:
  1. A place to lay his weary head
  2. A way to identify magic items he should find (of course, the old wizard left behind a magical cabinet that would do just that).
  3. A base of operations (a lonely tower off the beaten path - great for adventure hooks).
It did not take long before the boy really wanted to make the tower a reality in game terms. My now defunct group had a tavern that we created out of balsa wood and plywood. We had decided we could really create something cool.

I used plywood for the floors and balsa wood for the walls. I spray painted the exterior walls with a textured stone color. The interior walls were covered with 'Fat Dragon' graphics that I glued onto the balsa wood instead of making the the 3-D cardboard they were designed to be. I also had plenty of resin, hydrostone, lead, and pewter furniture and dungeon decor purchased from Mystic Moldwyrks (now out of business I believe), Grendel, Ral Partha, Mega Miniatures, and other things I had laying around collected over 20+ years.

There is a tavern and kitchen on the 1st floor accentuated with the grand staircase with the doorway leading down to the wine cellar.

1st Floor
Red Dragon Inn Staircase from Grendel
The 2nd floor is primarily spare bedrooms for other characters and NPCs.

2nd Floor
The 3rd floor is for the main characters. There is a common room, 2 smaller bed chambers, and master suite complete with a locked treasure room.

3rd Floor
Common Room
Bedroom with some Ral Partha furniture
Master Suite
The 4th floor is still being finished, but it has a few jail cells and a few side rooms along with a huge common room that has alot of wizardy stuff left over by the previous owner. It also has a weapons racks on the near wall.

4th Floor
Jail Cells

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  1. Looks like a lot of hard work's been put in and, well worth it too.

    Great stuff! :0).