Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meandering Monsters: Dretch (Demons)

Still trying to support this another demon to post...Dretch are also included in the Demons and Devils KS.

Background information and artwork for this entry primarily taken from TSR's Monster Manual II (1983). 

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MM2 1983, TSR
The Dretch are the lowest of the true demons in the Abyss. They rank above the Manes in the social status of the Demons only  because Manes are not true demons. Numerous, but generally very weak, Dretch rely on their numbers in combat to have any sort of advantage.

They are about 3-4 feet in height, and are also considered a food source for more powerful demons and demon lords. Dretch do have a chance to gate or summon more allies, other Dretch, to their location.

Dretch are not very intelligent and seem to accept their role in the Abyss. One could decide to become noticed and potentially get promoted by a Demon Lord to a more powerful form, but that would mean risking its life with no guarantee of the payout. More often than not, the 'brave' and 'opportunistic' Dretch would become a meal for the Lord it was trying to impress.

MR: 40
Combat Dice: 5d6 + 20
Armor: Rubbery Hide (4 hits)
Special Abilities: Resistant to Magic (+10), Zing-Me
Special Defense: Allies (Dretch: 1)
Appearing: 5-50
CON: 40, STR: 20, WIZ: 15

Resistant to Magic (+10)
When a spell is being cast that would directly affect the creature, this acts as an additional modifier that could prevent spell from being successfully cast. The number in parentheses represents the modifier to the caster's target Saving Roll. Spells with an area effect should be handled separately with a primary roll to determine if the spell was successful, and secondary rolls for any groups or individuals with this ability.

Similar to the 5th Level 'Zingum' spell, the creature can transport itself anywhere within its site up to 50 feet. The effect is instantaneous and can be used one time a day. 

Allies (Dretch: 1)
Creatures with 'Allies' are able to spend an action/combat turn to attempt to summon/gate in other creatures, normally of the same type in the case of demons. In parentheses is the creature that can be be summoned from elsewhere in the Abyss and the SR Level required for the attempt to be successful. This can be attempted one time a day.


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  2. On the magic resistance listing: It seems pretty likely that your modifier is intended for the target number and not the level of the SR, but you might want to make that explicit, either way.

  3. Really nice handling of the "gating" effect.
    Definitely going into my house rules. :0).

  4. Thanks - I think it should work OK...there are just alot of '1x/day' affects in AD&D that are not generally a rule of thumb in T&T. But, I like the limited aspect of some special abilities...

    Plus, as I get into more powerful demons, I think I do want to use their WIZ to cast their at will spells...but we shall see.