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Meandering Monsters: Manes (Demons)

The following Kickstarter is from a company I have dealt with before - Center Stage Miniatures from my hometown area near Cleveland. They have the incredible Peryton miniature, which I have yet to paint :(

The KS is loaded with incredible miniatures. I much prefer the ground troops as opposed to the different Demon and Devil Lords. Luckily, the base KS is primarily the more common monsters of the Planar Wars and you have the ability to pick and choose the Lords that you would like to add to your order.

So - with that said, I did a quick bit of research using the MM, MM2, and FF books from AD&D to make sure I knew what was what, who hates who, who can gate in what, and so forth. I also threw in some TnT conversions of my own as well.

In this first installment, the Manes are included in the above mentioned KS.

Background information and artwork for this entry are primarily taken from TSR's Monster Manual (1977). 

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David C Sutherland, MM 1977, TSR
Semi-Intelligent and numerous, the lowly Manes are the spirits of evil creatures from the Prime Material Plane. A Mane can be used to create a Shadow or a Ghast by a Demon Lord. They are only 3 feet in size. 

If killed in battle on its own plane, it will reform in 1 day. They can be consumed by Demon Lords as a food source which will utterly destroy them. Manes are considered as weak but valuable commodities in the Abyss.

When encountered, it will be in large numbers. Their strength is typically in their ability overwhelm with claws and bites.  They attack relentlessly and without fear once in battle.

MR: 30
Combat Dice: 4d6 + 15
Special Abilities: Resistant to Magic (+5)
Special Damage: 5*/Piling On (5)
Special Defense: Not Dead Yet
Appearing: 10-100
CON: 30, STR: 20, WIZ: 10

Resistant to Magic (+5)
When a spell is being cast that would directly affect the creature, this acts as an additional modifier that could prevent spell from being successfully cast. The number in parentheses represents the modifier to the caster's target Saving Roll. Spells with an area effect should be handled separately with a primary roll to determine if the spell was successful, and secondary rolls for any groups or individuals with this ability.

Not Dead Yet
When reduced to zero CON, this creature will dissipate in a stinking cloud of vapor (if in the Abyss). If this creature is encountered in a different plane of existence, it will be destroyed if reduced to zero CON.

Piling On (5)
Creatures attacking in large groups will have the chance to do additional  damage during a melee round if enough Spite damage is rolled for the entire group. The modifier in parentheses represents the additional damage done to a single target bypassing armor. In effect, the Spite damage cannot be distributed to multiple targets.

*Represents the required Spite damage by the entire group attacking. Multiple sets of the target number would be applied to an equal number of targets.

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