Thursday, October 18, 2012

Peryton Gamers at Gen Con 2012

My refund for the Gen Con badge was processed and this is on my account page regarding Peryton Gamers as a gaming group.

I guess this means between the 3 of us, we ran enough sessions with enough attendees to get 5 GM badges compensated. I know that I barely ran enough to get my badge back. But, my events were only 3 hours long. The formula takes into account the number of seats multiplied by the hours. It takes 70 'player hours' to get 1 badge. 

My player hours was 108; that means Tom and Robin ran a booth AND also ran at least 242 player hours of events.


So for next year, if one of us submits all the events as an Event Organizer, then we can effectively qualify for badges in advance based on the number of player hours. Then said EO can assign the GM badges to the GMs with no up front cost.

Something to think about...between your booth and the games we ran, we wasted 4 badges.

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