Monday, October 1, 2012

Reaper Bones Kickstarter - Trade List

Any of you out there that I know from one way (Trollhalla) or another (Reaper or Gen Con or Kickstarter forums) - here is my 'Bones' trade list. All the images I am using are straight from the Reaper Kickstarter page.

I will propose that the value the Reaper has placed on the miniatures for additional add-on copies should be the trade value that we use. Straight up value for value with each party paying for shipping within the USA. I would consider international shipping if there was someone across the pond or over the border that would be interested.

I would also be willing to trade some singles for singles here and there...but I will wait to see if there is any interest first in trading sets for sets.

The Bones sets I am interested in trading away:

The Bones sets I am interested in trading for:

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