Monday, October 8, 2012

Special Ability: Resistant to Magic

As soon as I posted my entry for the 'Manes', I had an issue with how I attempted to capture the idea that demons are naturally resistant to all spells or magic. AD&D handled it with a simple percentage, but I wanted to use the SR system within T&T to handle this ability.

Kremm Resistance already exists within the rules for T&T regarding the WIZ rating of the caster versus the target and the 'Bad Feeling' situation. I do still want to in some way capture the idea that these creatures are still just naturally resistant to magic above and beyond this, no matter who or how powerful the spell caster is.

This immediately then should remove from consideration using 'Level of the Caster' as a measure to determine what the Saving Roll level should be.
Lowered powered beings will have lower WIZ attributes = they would have limited Kremm Resistance versus likewise lower level/powered characters.
Higher powered beings will have greater WIZ attributes = they would have more effective Kremm Resistance versus many characters.
So - I know one buddy of mine will tell me I have already spent too much time on this...but I still think a lowly Mane should have some chance of avoiding a magical attack because he innately can. How to translate that into game rules?

Maybe - 'Resistant to Magic' is a negative modifier to the spell caster...I kind of like that.

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