Friday, October 19, 2012

The Laws of Causality No Longer Apply

There are a few projects that I worked on that are in the limbo world of 'waiting to be published'...once those are officially made available, I will provide more details and such.

For New Khazan, I have been bouncing around a few ideas, but I have always been intrigued regarding a few topics that have been done so well so many times by the BBC TV Series Red Dwarf.

It is these types of conversations and situations that I love about Red Dwarf. I would really like to try to convert some concepts to some form of game situation. Time travel and its ramifications, future echoes while traveling at the speed of light, unreality pockets, stasis leaks, alternate dimensions, and loads of other brilliance...

For now, I guess I will concentrate on my proposal for creating back story and history for New Khazan characters, inspired by the original Traveler past history rules.


  1. I gotta have some Red Dwarf style scenarios for 9KW now.

  2. yup - I think if have some workable concepts :)