Friday, November 30, 2012

Interview with a Trollgod

I have been working on many things, so I have not really had anything to write about lately. So, I will happily link to Patrice/Grraaall's interview with Ken St Andre, translated from French.

I knew I should have taken French instead of Spanish and Russian in High School.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mail Call - Rose of Stormgaard, a Troll World Novel

Ugh...I wish I was a troll instead of a dwarf. The ability to regenerate would be greatly appreciated right now. After 4 different plane rides, 2 different Disneyland parks, multiple different restaurants, and 3 nights in a hotel room, I finally come home. Then, one night at home, and then another quick trip to the parent dwarves in Cleveland for Thanksgiving and another night away from home over there.

Now, back today with a few health anomalies that I picked up in the wonderful and crowded germ festival that was Disneyland and Anaheim, I have at least received my parcel from the Trollgod for 'Rose of Stormgaard'. This may ease my pain this afternoon if the Buckeyes are unable to beat the hated Michigan Wolverines.

The novel has plenty of nice illustrations that seem to be a combination of original artwork from some typical T&T contributors, and some sited public domain artwork as well. It comes in right around 227 pages of text. The appendix includes some neat maps and a short GM adventure to the dungeon featured in the novel. Also included is one of the character sheet designs from the Trollhalla contest last month, by Steve Crompton with a little bit different artwork.

This will be the first book in a very long time that I will be reading that is not on my Kindle. While I love that little piece of technology, nothing can ever compare to holding a actual book in your hands. Looking forward to reading this and then running the boy through the GM adventure for the "Pits of Despair".

Get your copy here, directly from Amazon

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As an additional note, I was recently approached by another member of Trollhalla about how a certain former member of the T&T community who sells items without the creator's permission or with any legality wants me to stop attacking him and his 'Outlaw' business. I guess he is referring to this on my SA! site.

The funny thing is - I have never really attacked him and do not know him personally that I am aware of. I have linked to other postings by other members whose work has been sullied and stolen by this guy. He has also posted  a character sheet that I designed on his website as a free download. He did remove my references to Flying Buffalo as the trademark holder and myself as the designer of the sheet. I am OK with this person posting this sheet, but he should post it as it was originally made available on my site, with all credits on the image. 

I have never lied or stolen anything from him, but he seems to be upset that I tell the truth about him. If he really wants to earn any additional trust from the T&T community that he seems to be at odds with, he should remove all items that he is illegally printing and trying to sell by Tavernmaster Games, Ken St Andre, Trollhalla Press, and any other creators that he seems to have singled out.

Just saying...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have not posted much lately - been on vacation and busy with Stay Alive Solo Adventures...

On the plane to California, we played 'T&T and 10,000+ Feet'; the boy created a Dwarf Warrior and we traveled across the waste as a caravan guard on the way to Baru-Kesh.

Hope everyone has a great day and a joyous holiday weekend.



Saturday, November 10, 2012

Enhanced Spite for Characters

I have lamented in the past that one of my hang-ups with T&T, or what I would miss when not playing AD&D, is the possibility of that 'critical hit' or heroic blow. Spite effects is one of the few ways within the T&T rules to really separate one monster from another other, besides the difference in base MR.

What about enhanced spite effects for the players? This could be an optional rule, especially for those who do not mind adding another step to the combat system.

Enhanced Spite for Characters
Some monsters can get additional spite effects or special damage based on the number of 6s rolled. This can range from double the normal spite damage for each, to spell effects or other such special attacks based on rolling higher numbers of 6s.

There could be 'finishing' talents that would specifically be triggered off of spite damage in melee combat. Instead of having a modifier like a normal Talent, there would be a spite modifier (2/, 3/) so that you know how many 6s it would take to trigger the effect. They could be things like:
Sweep (2/) - one opponent in contact with the PC (his choice) using Sweep is knocked off his feet and only gets half his combat adds the following round as he gets back to his feet.
Disarm (2/) - one opponent in contact with the PC (his choice) using Disarm has his weapon knocked out of his hand. Randomly determine direction and distance the weapon is thrown from the opponent.
Or maybe, they do not need to be Talents at all, but a table of Spite affects that can be randomly applied by the characters if they are on the losing end of a melee round, but have rolled a few 6's in their combat round. It could still be applied as a group 'Spite' total, and could be a way for a battle to be turned.

So often in T&T combat, the side with the higher number of dice and combat adds are eventually going to win out. Being able to alter that course for even one round may give some hope where it all may be lost.

Enhanced Spite for weapons
Likewise, spite could also be applied to weapons where it would make sense, and not just magical effects for enchanted weapons.
  • Polearms or spears should cause more of a chance to trip an opponent.
  • Whips should provide an opportunity to entangle an opponent.
I got some more thinking to do on this subject in general. Tom has had some similar thoughts as well.

Friday, November 9, 2012

One last gratuitous plug for Stay Alive! - Campus Chaos

Artwork © 2008 Jeff Freels, used with permission

I have played many solo adventures. I had a huge collection of 'Choose Your Own Adventure' when I was a youngster. I bought any and all 'Fighting Fantasy' and 'Lone Wolf' books that I could find. But, I had never even attempted to write a solo adventure until I was introduced to T&T a few years back.

Thanks to Tom, Patrice, and Dan for posting on Google+ and on their blogs...

Alchemy Gaming Blog
Patrice Geille
The Lone Delver

The feedback I have already received has been very valuable. It is definitely helping me organize thoughts and expand on ideas and plot lines as I move forward.

If you have a moment, check it out. Read along. Add a comment if you like. It is all very helpful and appreciated. Hopefully, you will have a bit of fun as well.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Campus Chaos has started...

Artwork © 2008 Jeff Freels, used with permission
Thanks for everyone who volunteered to follow along with my Stay Alive! solo adventure in development. 'Apocalypse Kinda Now' kicks off with the events following a city police officer.
Follow Officer Mickey as she is thrust into the start of what appears to be the downfall of modern society as we know it. The world is in the midst of a global pandemic, but Mickey has a job to do - security at the local gaming convention.
There are a few people who have played my game at either BASH Con 2012 in Toledo or Gen Con 2012 in Indy. The events in this solo will occur in tandem with the GM adventures I have and will be running in the future.

Anyone that may still be interested, please check out my other blog. Follow along and if you want to jump in and leave some comments, please do so.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Even more new T&T releases

Holy Toledo!

Even more T&T related releases...

Trollszine! #6
Edited by Dan Hembree

As always the best T&T content for the best possible price going...FREE. The T&T community is very active and very open to sharing their wonderful ideas with any and all that will take a look. 58 pages of GM Adventures, Solo Adventures, and great ideas for any GM or player in the world of T&T or really any role playing system.

Rose of Stormgaard
Written by Ken St. Andre

Looks to be a very cool concept. Not only do you get a short novel from the Trollgod, you also get a GM adventure for the dungeon featured in the novel.

With one of the characters in the novel listed as being a dwarf, will be very interested to see more information on how Ken deals with that race in his Trollworld.

A great idea!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Stay Alive!: Apocalypse Kinda Now

The end is nigh!

The apocalypse is kinda now.

Check out my new site - T&T Stay Alive!: Apocalypse Kinda Now.

I will be attempting to present an interactive Solo Adventure and need your help. New entries will be posted on a very frequent basis (every 1-3 days). Your posts will help determine the course of my protagonist.

Will this work? Who knows...but it is worth a try.