Saturday, November 3, 2012

Even more new T&T releases

Holy Toledo!

Even more T&T related releases...

Trollszine! #6
Edited by Dan Hembree

As always the best T&T content for the best possible price going...FREE. The T&T community is very active and very open to sharing their wonderful ideas with any and all that will take a look. 58 pages of GM Adventures, Solo Adventures, and great ideas for any GM or player in the world of T&T or really any role playing system.

Rose of Stormgaard
Written by Ken St. Andre

Looks to be a very cool concept. Not only do you get a short novel from the Trollgod, you also get a GM adventure for the dungeon featured in the novel.

With one of the characters in the novel listed as being a dwarf, will be very interested to see more information on how Ken deals with that race in his Trollworld.

A great idea!

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