Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mail Call - Rose of Stormgaard, a Troll World Novel

Ugh...I wish I was a troll instead of a dwarf. The ability to regenerate would be greatly appreciated right now. After 4 different plane rides, 2 different Disneyland parks, multiple different restaurants, and 3 nights in a hotel room, I finally come home. Then, one night at home, and then another quick trip to the parent dwarves in Cleveland for Thanksgiving and another night away from home over there.

Now, back today with a few health anomalies that I picked up in the wonderful and crowded germ festival that was Disneyland and Anaheim, I have at least received my parcel from the Trollgod for 'Rose of Stormgaard'. This may ease my pain this afternoon if the Buckeyes are unable to beat the hated Michigan Wolverines.

The novel has plenty of nice illustrations that seem to be a combination of original artwork from some typical T&T contributors, and some sited public domain artwork as well. It comes in right around 227 pages of text. The appendix includes some neat maps and a short GM adventure to the dungeon featured in the novel. Also included is one of the character sheet designs from the Trollhalla contest last month, by Steve Crompton with a little bit different artwork.

This will be the first book in a very long time that I will be reading that is not on my Kindle. While I love that little piece of technology, nothing can ever compare to holding a actual book in your hands. Looking forward to reading this and then running the boy through the GM adventure for the "Pits of Despair".

Get your copy here, directly from Amazon

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As an additional note, I was recently approached by another member of Trollhalla about how a certain former member of the T&T community who sells items without the creator's permission or with any legality wants me to stop attacking him and his 'Outlaw' business. I guess he is referring to this on my SA! site.

The funny thing is - I have never really attacked him and do not know him personally that I am aware of. I have linked to other postings by other members whose work has been sullied and stolen by this guy. He has also posted  a character sheet that I designed on his website as a free download. He did remove my references to Flying Buffalo as the trademark holder and myself as the designer of the sheet. I am OK with this person posting this sheet, but he should post it as it was originally made available on my site, with all credits on the image. 

I have never lied or stolen anything from him, but he seems to be upset that I tell the truth about him. If he really wants to earn any additional trust from the T&T community that he seems to be at odds with, he should remove all items that he is illegally printing and trying to sell by Tavernmaster Games, Ken St Andre, Trollhalla Press, and any other creators that he seems to have singled out.

Just saying...

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