Friday, November 9, 2012

One last gratuitous plug for Stay Alive! - Campus Chaos

Artwork © 2008 Jeff Freels, used with permission

I have played many solo adventures. I had a huge collection of 'Choose Your Own Adventure' when I was a youngster. I bought any and all 'Fighting Fantasy' and 'Lone Wolf' books that I could find. But, I had never even attempted to write a solo adventure until I was introduced to T&T a few years back.

Thanks to Tom, Patrice, and Dan for posting on Google+ and on their blogs...

Alchemy Gaming Blog
Patrice Geille
The Lone Delver

The feedback I have already received has been very valuable. It is definitely helping me organize thoughts and expand on ideas and plot lines as I move forward.

If you have a moment, check it out. Read along. Add a comment if you like. It is all very helpful and appreciated. Hopefully, you will have a bit of fun as well.


  1. You're more than welcome Jerry.

    Campus Chaos is going great guns and I look forward to seeing what it has in store for Officer Mickey and the fair residents of Toledo.

  2. The 'Fair' residents of Toledo deserve everything they are gonna get ;)