Monday, December 3, 2012

Mail Call: Delving Dwarves of Stonehaven

I have a fondness for dwarves. I remember when my Mom bought a full complement of D&D/AD&D books for my 11th or 12th birthday. I got the Basic Set, the Expert Set, and the AD&D DM's Guide and Player's Handbook. The very first character a created was a dwarf named "Talon"...I want to say that he was named after the character from 'Sword and the Sorcerer', which I remember my awesome Mom also taking me to see in the theater. I am sure she later regretted some of the nudity scenes...but I was more into the awesome shooting sword the guy had, although that bath scene has always stuck with me as well. I also recall watching "The Hobbit" cartoon dozens of time on VHS. To me, dwarves are just cool.

My second Kickstarter has once again ended well. We are having a lot of fun playing Fleet...and now I have even more miniatures to paint. The Dwarven Adventurers project was something I followed from the beginning and the final product is pretty darn good. Despite what Scott had mentioned here on the Trollish Delver, both my experiences with Kickstarter have been on time and as promised.

Within the slightly mangled and over packed flat rate priority envelope, there was a box of miniatures, 2 bags for the 2 trolls I ordered, and a heavier cardboard envelope.

This project was loaded with flex goals that expanded the original project from 5 to over 15 miniatures. Dice, scenic bases, bit sprues, character cards, and some PDF downloads were also added to the project.

Additional add on goals were also included as optional purchases. I passed on the t-shirt, but did go for 2 of the trolls cast in resin for only $10 each. I might have to paint one of these for the Trollgod.

 Also included in the package was an autographed card depicting the original concept art for the project.

I took some pictures of the miniatures, but you can see the ones professionally done here, at the Stonehaven blog site.

Instead of writing this blog, I should be painting by Space Hulk 2nd Edition miniatures, and these dwarves, and those reaper miniatures for my zombie game, and those zombies for my zombie game, and....


  1. These look awesome! I'm more of an gnome kinda guy but these are REALLY impressive. :0).

  2. Agreed. I think the company's next project will be halflings and gnomes.

    I really dig the miner, the fallen king, and blacksmith

    1. ...and the brewmaster...the troll...

    2. Lol, well the happier you are, the better the value for money you've received. :0). I really do hope that they end up doing something else small and cool and Gnomes would be a big sell for me. :0).