Monday, December 24, 2012

T&T Spells - A Deluxe Look

One thing that is nice about T&T is the ability for members of Trollhalla to have some influence on the game and what direction it is going for future editions. Ken St. Andre is currently working with a host of others on the new 'Deluxe' edition of T&T.

A recent Troll Mail from Ken indicated that he is putting out to vote whether or not spells in T&T should require a saving roll for success, or should be an automatic success for casting. The current 7.5 rules requires a INT saving roll that increases with each level of spell that is attempted to be cast. He did not want debate or reasons from anyone since he had an extensive discussion already with someone else, just whether we are for or against 'automatic' spell success when casting.

Ken did not want an explanation for my answer, so here it is...

Spells in T&T work fine the way they are. It is not like in other games where the wizard is totally inept in combat/melee fighting where he is of no use other than his spell casting. A wizard with a high DEX can be good at firing missile weapons. Likewise, a wizard with good stats that contribute to combat adds can also be quite formidable in melee, even with the restriction on the weapon that can be used.

I had mentioned that I was OK with going to a non-SR spell system, but I thought the SR should be retained for all spell casting just for the chance of the critical failure, which should always be in place to represent the chaos of the scene or just bad luck.

Instead of working on one of the things that actually kinda works in T&T, I would prefer the team work on making spells in the game more balanced and useful. There are spells listed as 3rd or 4th level spells that seem to cost way too much WIZ for what they do compared to a 1st level spell. There are also just spells that do not make sense whatsoever. Now, I understand there is a nebulous area regarding copyright with that other game, but I do believe some real improvement can be made in this area.

I will do some research to back up my statement and compare some specific issues I have with the current Spell List in the 7.5 rule book. But not right now...time to celebrate the season.

Be back soon - Merry Christmas all!

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