Thursday, January 3, 2013

Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls Kickstarter Campaign

As was promised by the 'Fellowship of the Troll", the Kickstarter campaign for DT&T has begun. The main early bird benefit is an exclusive magnet that is only available via the KS campaign and to those who pledge within the first 7 days.

Most of the support levels seem quite reasonable regarding the basic softcover or hardcover editions. The map, dice, and magnets can be added on to your base pledge package. The PDF of the rulebook is included with most packages, which is wonderful.

The coins look great, but they are mighty expensive ($35 for 1, $90 for a set of four).

I mentioned to Ken in an email that the $250 level (which includes a signed and limited edition hardcover, all the coins, the map, and all the magnets) would be more enticing if a copy of the softcover and the dice were added to it. I do not think many will be using such a book for normal gaming. If you do the math:
  • $6 - Magnet Set
  • $90 - Coin Set
  • $60 - Hardcover ($50 as an add-on)
  • $8 - Map
This totals to $164, so the signed edition is costing an additional $86 in 'value'. Adding on the softcover ($28) and the dice ($10) would bring it a bit closer in line with the value you would be receiving in my opinion.

But then again, I am a member of Trollhalla and have plenty of books and boxed sets with Ken's doodles on them. Check it out and pledge to the KS over there on the left side of this blog.

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  1. Rick Loomis mentioned in the 1st update that the softcover is now included in the $250 to get the dice included :)

    I am a bit more tempted now...the coins would be cool, but for $90, I don't know...