Monday, January 21, 2013

Missile Ranges

This started one afternoon in my 'Stay Alive!' online game where I have been working out some rules.

While MSPE did a fairly good job of laying out ranges for missile weapons with varying Saving Roll difficulties based on gun type and movement, I like the simplicity of of the 7.5 rules where there are 5 levels of Saving Roll based on range.

But, I don't like the idea of a range going from 'Point Blank' to '30 Feet'. Plus, Point Blank is pretty much a sure thing in most cases. You can always rule that for some weapons, Point Blank would be a negative (for a bow maybe).

So here is my new Weapon Range chart for SA! I use Level 0 as a (10), you could also just treat it as a 'DO NOT CRITICAL FAIL'. Either way, I think adding the 'Moderate' range makes sense.


  1. I like your revised list. It makes sense.

  2. Thanks kram....testing it on my SA! site, it works well.

    Now i just need to flesh out my called shot rules