Saturday, January 12, 2013

My thoughts for Gen Con

For the past 4 or 5 years, I have been running my 'Game of Thrones' D20 campaign. The positives have been that I have had a few loyal sets of players that looks for my games each year. Also, for how popular 'Game of Thrones' currently is, there is absolutely no presence of the Green Ronin D6 RPG, so I am pretty much the only guy running AGOT as an RPG. I have 5 total adventures that I have created/run for this campaign; three of the five I feel are pretty good, the other two need some work.

Last year was the first year I ran my 'Stay Alive!' T&T Horror game. I feel it went fairly well and as I continue to build on the rules variant, it is something I want to continue running. Plus, there is not much T&T going on at Gen Con so I definitely want to keep that going.

With the impending launch and release of dT&T, I also am thinking of running a standard fantasy session of T&T. My Baru-Kesh adventure published in 'Elder Tunnels' as well as some other items I  have been working would be great to both support Peryton Publishing as well as add to the T&T presence.

Then there is the auction, where I spend most of my non-gaming time. I have been invited to work full time this year, which will pay for my room and badge, but give me much less time for gaming.

The X-Factor is my clawing desire to run a Red Dwarf themed game with Tom Loney's 'New Khazan' T&T rules as its base. This would be something totally new for me, which I should not be taking up to begin with since I have so many other fires burning currently. This will more than likely not happen, but something I want to get to in the near future.

So when all is said and done, my first obligation is money. My second is for T&T and to support Peryton Publishing. My third is to in some way continue to run AGOT...maybe on Wednesday night.

Thanks for letting me waste your time.

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