Friday, February 15, 2013

New Stay Alive! Character Sheet

I kept a lot of my files on a zip drive because my work computer has software like Photoshop and such that I do not have on my personal computer. A few months back, that zip drive became corrupted and I remember lamenting that there were definitely some files that I did not transfer to my PC.

One of the many was the originals that I worked on for my SA! sheet updates.

Here is the new and hopefully improved version of the SA! sheet that I worked on tonight. I updated the ranges based on what we did in the 'Solo Adventures', re-added the sections for Possessions and Missile Adds and weapons, and I updated some headers so it is more clear on what each cell is supposed to represent.

Tom G. - I can send you a full PDF version if you like.

By comparison to the 'Mickey' Sheet...which was reduced in resolution when I converted it from the original PSD to JPG...which is why I did not use it to recreate an original. I also changed the SA! header to a more standard font because of 'permissions' reasons...I will figure out a way to remedy that.