Sunday, February 10, 2013

Peryton Gamers - Gen Con 2013

Update 3/26/2013
One additional game for Friday (Spacers, Rocket to Nowhere). At this point, we are waiting for Gen Con to approve all of the entries after which I can request the badge codes.

Update 2/23/2013
One new game for Saturday (T&T, Temple of the Hag), and I moved my Game of Thrones game to Sunday so I can play in a friend's game on Thursday.

The first wave of event submissions is complete and here is what is on tap for the Peryton Gamers for 2013 in Indianapolis. For anyone that is interested in running a few games for us this year, please reach out to Tom, Robin, or myself. So far, we only have 3 takers on our offer to run some games and get a badge.

Total number of T&T events at this time: 7

The RPG rooms in the Marriott have 4 tables per room. We will more than likely be assigned a single room where all of our events will take place. We already have some nice overlap of games on Friday and Saturday. It would be good to fill in some spots on Thursday if possible.


  1. Would love to help you guys out but sadly I'm on the wrong side of the pond and, I've never picked up the Swim Talent.

  2. Changed my AGOT event to Sunday - not gonna update these grids until I get a few other updates finalized...